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Squad-Marks: Review

Have you ever fielded multiple large squads moving and fighting across the tabletop? If you have, then you know like I do that it can get rather confusing which models are part of which squad. We all do very well knowing our own models, but as an opponent sometimes you just wish those multiple squads were easier to recognize. This is exactly what this product does, and when Mason from Squad-Marks shot me an email to review and check these out for our Faeit 212 community, I jumped at the chance.

Yes I am one of those players who has at some point in the past completely filled the table before with Guardsmen, 200-300 strong. I have them, from White Shields to Veterans.

What Squad Marks does is add an easily recognizable bottom to the base of your miniature with side tabs to hold it in place and a very thin magnet underneath to help transfer your models around from table to table.

Even in terrain the squads become very easy to recognize as the models become mixed together. I based two example squads (my white shields and normal cadian squads) and put them into the terrain with a my Inquisitor character.

So yes, you simply paint the tabs and can put squad designation transfers onto the tabs if you are certain they will stay with that squad. The transfers for my Astra Militarum squad shoulder pads definitely fit on the tabs. So paint them up, add your squad designation (or not), and even your opponent can easily tell who belongs to who.

I really like how they work and look.
Super thin magnet removed from base. 
You can see from the image above just how thin these magnets are, reducing any large height increases to your miniature. These are plenty strong, and to test it, I put them on a tray to see just how well they hold when turned upside down.

Just how easy are these to put on your miniatures? Super easy, with a little click you can tell that the miniatures are locked into the base.

So assuming you had your squads all set up with Squad-Marks, and you needed to change a few models out? You do not glue your bases to the Squad-Marks as they simply slide in and out with a simple click.

The pros for these are very obvious, with huge benefits on the tabletop in identifying squads. You listening Tyranid and Ork players?, these are not just for Guardsmen and Imperial players.

I have been messing around with these off and on for the last few days and to be straight up, the only downfall I have found, is a few non-GW bases are slightly different in size. While they might appear they are same, a couple 25mm bases I had for my miniatures from Anvil Games did not fit well without a slight shaving of the base. I did get them to fit, but forcing them onto the Squad-Mark base can snap the tabs (I did that). The tabs are not flimsy, but forcing a base into it can damage the squad-mark tabs. Simply hold the tabs so they cant be forced out and then insert the base, shaving a little off the base if necessary. You'll note that in the videos using GW bases and models I did not have to do that.

The Squad-Marks are fantastic, and really hold onto the bases of your miniatures as they are designed to. The thin magnets along the bottom to hold onto metal trays is also an excellent feature.

With many different sizes available, these are up for pre-orders now.

Pre-Orders and different sizes are here