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Beyond the Gates of Antares New Faction Teaser: The Virai

A model pack called Virai First Contact was just released for Beyond the Gates of Antares. Two drone miniatures are in the pack, showing a crystalline construction, but so far no hints on what the new alien faction will be.

via Warlord Games

Virai First Contact

Current drones identified as Warriors (eight five quantum Bodyguard/Hive Defender class) and Crew Constructors eight eight quantum.


Bodyguard/Defender weaponry: crude multi-mode, ranged fusion device and power vices/claws.

Crew Constructor: short range fusion cutters usable as weaponry and dangerous tool appendages; Crew also known to scavenge panhuman mag weaponry.


Presence of Constructor and Warrior indicative of nearby hive. All panhuman and machine intelligences advised to be wary of architector command elements, long-range STAA targeting enhancement probes and massed warrior/constructor forces.


Prime targets for defense recommended as Tertiary Supervisor and Secondary Instance command elements: capture requested of First Instance Hive commanders.


Virai Dronescourge highly hostile to biologics and both immune and destructive to nanosphere.

IMTel values your health and well-being. Recommendation: evacuation of all Dronescourge infested systems and request C3 assistance.