Next weekend we are back to 40k with the Deathwatch codex hitting right away as we slide into May. Of course it looks like we are wrapping up the Idoneth Deepkin as well, with the Akhelian Leviadon... ya know the giant turtle.

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The Akhelian Leviadon is, without a doubt, one of the most terrifying monsters to grace the Mortal Realms – a living battleship that’ll form the speartip for many of your Phalanxes. In combat, you’ll find yours capable of scything easily through enemy formations and monsters alike, and for a tactical player, the Leviadon is a great anchor for the rest of the Idoneth Deepkin army. For one, thanks to Forgotten Nightmares, your opponents will be forced to fire at this armoured juggernaut while your squishier units advance unhindered, while for another, its Void Drum gives nearby units a welcome boost to their saves:

The Akhelian Leviadon is a treat for a painter to tackle, too – as well as being a magnificent centrepiece kit, replete with fine detail, there are loads of textures and unusual surfaces you’ll be able to really show off your skills on. You needn’t be intimidated if you’re a newer painter, however – Peachy has been hard at work creating an easy-to-follow guide that’ll allow anyone to give this massive sea monster a stunning paint job.

Next week also sees the release of Codex: Deathwatch – your complete guide to the 41st Millennium’s most elite alien hunters. Codex: Deathwatch allows you to field what could well be Warhammer 40,000’s most versatile army, featuring Mission Tactics, Stratagems and an expanded list of weapons that can use Special Issue Ammunition, allowing your units to take out nearly any xenos threat and tailor their strategies on the fly.
What’s more, you’ll be able to assemble your Primaris Space Marines into Fortis Kill Teams – mixed formations that allow you to combine the strengths of Intercessors, Reivers, Aggressors and Inceptors into a cohesive and powerful whole. We’re very excited about this codex, and we’ll be running some in-depth previews next week to help you prepare!

That’s not even all.
This coming Saturday, we have the first wave of Made to Order Warhammer Legends – classic models from Warhammer’s history, available once more for one week only.
Warhammer Legends will be a new addition to the Warhammer Community site, providing a home to rules for classic miniatures from Games Workshop so you can continue to play with warriors, heroes and monsters from the world-that-was in your narrative and open play games. Alongside this, as new units are added, we’ll be giving you a chance to add them to your collections through a series of week-long Made to Order offers.
With the Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin drawing on years of elven influences, we thought this inaugural Warhammer Legends would be a great time to revisit their origins and give you a chance to collect some fan-favourite Dark Elves from yesteryear.
In the first wave of Warhammer Legends Made to Order, you’ll find the classic iteration of Morathi – a great way for any Daughters of Khaine player to pay homage to where it all began – as well as a collection of Dark Elf heroes. Meanwhile, Mengil Manhide’s Manflayers are a much-requested unit from the old Dogs of War range who provide a gory spin on Scourge Corsairs, while Lokhir Fellheart pays homage to the nautical elements of the asur and druchii that would later be fully realised with the Idoneth Deepkin.

Like all Made to Order waves, these Warhammer Legends will only be available for one week – so make sure to come back on Saturday so you don’t miss your chance!

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