Well, if there is an order you have been waiting to put in, this is a great time to do it. Forgeworld has a new promotion going that can win you a Warlord Titan. Who would not want to win this? There are also some other titans up as well for the promotion, one of two Warhound Titans, and a Reaver Titan.

The catch... its time to place that order you have been waiting for, and you must follow a couple guidelines.

Here is what you must do to win! via Forgeworld
To enter, place an order of £100 or more on forgeworld.co.uk between 4th March and 31st March 2016. Then complete the following statements, and email your answers to us at win-a-titan@gwplc.com:

Choose a name for your Titan.
In 400 words or less, tell us how your Titan earned its glorious or infamous name.

Here is a link for the rest of the information

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