This week we have several new Age of Sigmar models being released to pre-orders. We have seen the pics, but so far nothing really on the rules so far. Here is a look at them from a reader that took the time to help us out, and reveal what we will see.

via a reader on Faeit 212
Alright, I just got my WD. Their rules are rather good.

10" Movement, 7 Bravery, 5 Wounds each, and they all have 3+ armor and a
reroll on 1.

Hammer and Axe Guys have a Storm Blast with 12", 1 Attack, 4+ to Hit which
then deals D3 Mortal Wounds.

Crossbow and Lance Guys have a different Breath Attack called Lightning
Surge that has 6" reach, D3 Attacks, hits on 3+ and deals a Mortal Wound (2
if the Dracoth is within 3" of its target). Dracoth Claws are 1", 3 Attacks
with 3+/3+. -1 and 1 (which turns into a D6 if your Wound Roll was a 6).

Fulminators (Lance Guys) have 2" reach, 3 Attacks each with 3+/3+, -1 and
1. They get a "Glaive-Ward" that gives them a +1 on their Save roll during
the Shooting Phase. They also get 3 Damage instead of 1 during the turn
they've charged in.

Tempestors have Volleystorm Crossbows with 12", 4 Attacks with 3+/4*, no
Rend and 1 plus Warblades with 1", 3 Attacks with 3+/4+, no Rend and 1.
They have a Special Rule called "Harassing Fire" (or something like
that...) that can be announced at the beginning of the Shooting Phase that
makes them all attack one designated enemy unit - and that unit has a -1 on
each of their "To Hit"-Rolls until your next Hero Phase.

Concussors (Hammer Guys) have 1", 3 Attacks with 3+/3+, -1 and 2 Damage
with an Additional Mortal Wound if the Hit Roll was a 6 (NOTE:
Additionally, not instead of!) which stuns the Enemy Unit and disables
their Piling In if they haven't .

Desolators (Axe Guys) have 2", 3 Attacks with 4+/3+, -1 and 2 Damage...and
they get extra Attacks if you have more models in their unit. 4 Attacks on
4 Models, and 6 Attacks for at least 6 models. CASH GRAB ALERT

Lord-Celestant now has options for Thunderaxe (2", 3 Attacks with 3+/3+, -1
and 2 Damage which gains 1 additional attack for each Stormcast Unit within
5"), Stormstrike Glaive (2", 4 Attacks with 3+/4+, -1 and 1, which, in case
he has charged in that turn, becomes a -2 and 3 Damage), Lightning Hammer
(1", 3 Attacks, 3+, 3+, -1 and 2 Damage which becomes 2 Mortal Wounds for
each Hit Roll of 6 that also stuin the enemy unit and disables their Piling
In), and the good old Tempestos Hammer (with 2", 3 Attacks with 3+/2+, -1
and D3 Damage plus an additional D3 attacks in the turn he has charged).
Now gets a Reroll on Save Rolls of 1 due to his shield, and he has the old
Lightning Breath with 12" that on a 4+ (each unit separately) deals D3
Mortal Wounds to units within 2" of that spot - both friend and foe.

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