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In the early days of the Great Crusade the III'rd legion's XVI'th cohort fought and died alongside the Legio Custodes against the insurrectionist forces in defense of the Emperors life on Proxima and were granted the sole right to bear the Emperor's own standard, the Palantine Aquilla, upon their arms and armor. As the years rolled on toward the Heresy the III'rd Legions Primarch, Fulgrim, placed more and more of an emphasis on perfection, adopting the Terran Phoenix as his example. 

When Fulgrim and his men joined Horus they were drawn from the pursuit of perfection to the pursuit of sensation. Some however kept their Primarchs goal of perfection and their aerial machines of war did not become Hell Drakes, but Warp Phoenix.

This conversion is the primary reason I began my chapter of the Emperor's Children; the Phoenix Legion. 


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