I had not reported on this a few days back, and Sunday is a great day to catch up on things. Sad Panda over on Dakka was saying that there will be a board game coming out for the Age of Sigmar in a couple months+.

via Sad Panda on Dakka

question on dakka
When did sad panda say Tzeentch stuff was hitting again? I'm expecting a "start collecting" box for them. If it's like Khorne and Nurgle have gotten, I'd expect horrors, screamers and a chariot in it. Which I'm considering picking up today. But if Tzeentch is getting love in the next month or two, I'd hold off.

It begins with the AoS board game, which is more than two months out. 
No idea about start collecting boxes and other re-packages.

Excitement usually greater for 40K-stuff (and 30K-stuff), but as I’ve said in the past, 2016 is first and foremost the year of AoS (for GW).

Overall, AoS will get the most weekly releases, the most new models, the most books, etc…

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