A successful kickstarter already from Shieldwolf, we are looking at several stretch goals surpassed over the last few days and one final teaser image that is really cool.

552 backers
$79,772 pledged of $30,000 goal
4 hours to go

Shieldmaiden Rangers are a Reality Now! This is one of my favorites of the stretch goals to reach.

Here is the Teaser from the last updates.........

"...the stories of the warmaidens that ventured in these forsaken places are often told in their taverns, where these female warrioresses will talk about the fate that was bestowed to those ruthless women. For these creatures were once warmaidens just like them, and whose courage was tied to this ill fate. The strange thing about them is that somehow a lot of them manage to maintain their sanity, while others completely lose themselves in the abyss of the aracnotralium.
For reasons no one will ever explain, when the battle horns sound and the Warmaidens prepare for battle, these creatures will assemble by the thousands and flood the territory rushing to the aid of their long-ago Sisters..."

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