Still patiently waiting for Duardin or Tzeentch,? with little word on them appearing in recent rumors. Don't worry, there is still whispers that they are coming later this year. I have no real solid time frame, and upcoming releases seem relatively figured out with Stormcast Eternals starting up next.

Squiggly chimed in response to a question. While it's nothing definitive on the release or time frame, it still keeps us looking ahead for these releases, and keeps them on my radar.

via Squiggly on Faeit 212
"when we get Metal Duardin and Tzeentch later in the year"

Fenris Warzone
Is there going to be a Warzone Fenris Campaign Book 2? Where it left us, I was hoping we would see a follow up in the near future. However, I have heard no reliable hints for one, but with the cliffhanger that the first book left us at, there are quite a few armies that could be included. (my Grey Knights and Dark Angels).

Here is what is rumored over the next few months

Stormcast Eternals and repacks Chaos by several sources

Orcs and Goblins- Destruction Alliance by several sources

Horus Heresy by Squiggly

Faeit 212 Community News

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