New from Forgeworld this morning is the latest Horus Heresy book, Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Legions. The book is a 131 pages of updates to the Space Marines Legions from the first 5 books. However, its not all just updates; there is a new Iron Circle  unit, created to Primarch Perturabo's own specifications. Of course the Primarchs rules are also in there....


via Forgeworld

The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Legions is a 131 page hard back book that collects together and updates the Space Marine Legions appendix entries from the first five of Forge World's Horus Heresy books. It is intended to be used alongside its companion book, The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List.

Included in the book are specific rules, units and special characters - including the Mighty Primarchs - for the; Alpha Legion; Death Guard; Emperor's Children; Imperial Fists; Iron Hands; Iron Warriors; Night Lords; Raven Guard; Salamanders; Sons of Horus; Ultramarines; Word Bearers; and World Eaters all drawn together for ease of reference whether you are preparing for or playing a game of Warhammer 40,000, or planning the next addition to your collection.

As well as collecting and updating rules from previous books, this volume also introduces a new Iron Warriors Legion unit, The ‘Iron Circle’ Domitar-Ferrum Class Battle-automata Maniple. An advanced and deadly class of Battle-automata, the Iron Circle were created to the Primarch Perturabo's own design.

You will need a copy of The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List and the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook to use this book.

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