Kenny Lull of the Combat Phase Podcast is showing his latest interview with a Black Library author, that may just give us some insight to the Grand Alliance Destruction releases that are coming soon. So make sure you check up on it Sunday to see the what is being talked about.

via Kenny Lull
I have an interview with a AoS BL author recorded which ill will release Sunday night on my podcast Combat Phase, episode 135.
This deals with the release of Beast Realm, destruction for end of March or beginning of April. It might be preorder end of March and release first week in April. 

Check out the podcast here for some early intel on what is coming down the pipeline for the Age of Sigmar.

An update from Kenny Lull
Thanks for the post Natfka, I hope everyone enjoys it. But I want to be fair and upfront. I just finished editing the interview and had to cut a portion out (guess which, lol) so as a clarification before you get your pitchforks out what we say is about upcoming books for The Beast Arises for 40K fans and some teasers for AoS model lines and a big Black Library reveal at the end for AoS, but it is not a list of models. I know sometimes comments mention clickbait (though this is iTunes or a direct player) and no ads:) No one is trying to trick you and I want to say this with the unfortunate last edit in case any expectations were dashed. It's still some look into March & April, which is better than none:) So that said, have a listen if you want or find out from a buddy. If you do listen I hope you enjoy. The interview will begin about 20 minutes into the show.

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