I wanted to talk a little tonight about a couple things about Dropfleet Commander. The first is that we have a little bit of inside information regarding Battlecruisers that I think you will find exciting. Then I wanted to talk a little about the rulebook, and what is in it for Admiral Beta testers.

My understanding is that anyone getting a Kickstarter Battlecruiser for each race will be getting some exciting news next week. That is that the Battlecruiser you will be getting will be able to make not only the Battlecruiser listed in the Kickstarter, but another as well. This basically means that you will have the option to make an additional Battlecruiser option with the model you get. Of course for the most zealous fans, it can mean if you are getting two of them (an add on), that you could make one of each.

Of course we will have to wait to get the finalized information on this directly from Hawk Wargames, but I thought this would be some exciting news! After all, having the options are just fantastic.

Beta Test Rulebooks for the event.
This game was just so much fun, and being a part of the Admiral Beta Test day was really a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of the process. It could not be stressed enough, that this really is a beta testing where Hawk Wargames wants our input!.

This meant that we were playing with starter sets at the event, and were given a beta test set of rules to play the game, even after the event wrapped up on Saturday. Now Hawk really wants the beta testers to head out and playtest the game at different point levels beyond just the starter set configurations that we were fielding on Saturday.

Each rulebook came with all 4 races, UCM, Scourge, Shaltari, and PHR ship rules. Yes, that means we can test out the Battleships in action, and a ton of other different types of ships for each race. They want us to move past the  starter sets, and get into larger games up to 1500pts. So that means there will be more beta testing being hosted here at the Faeit 212 studio next weekend!

Also in the rulebook beyond the rules to play are scenarios, a basic force org, and a fastplay sheet to really help get into the games quickly. All good stuff

Remember that even though a starter set looks like the ships in the above pics, you will get the options to configure them into several different variants. So the options and how these models come are just fantastic. I am already a huge fan of this game.

So yes, more games will be played here on Faeit 212 (we will be proxying a lot of models obviously), and even taking a look at the Shaltari and PHR ships as soon as we can.

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