It's literally been since 2014 when Forgeworld stopped posting up on Facebook. Now they have returned to social media as of a few days ago. There are some rules that they have posted, but they seem logical, and this is a good new way to connect to Forgeworld.

Rules from Forgeworld
We want this to be a page that all Forge World fans can enjoy.
So we have a few posting rules that we need you to follow.
Page rules:
1. This is a Games Workshop community page.
2. Be cool, be positive.
3. Please do not post links to websites of any sort other than
4. Please use the wall for posting photos of Forge World and Citadel Miniatures only.

Oh, as a quick aside, you can ask us rules questions if you like, but we probably don’t know any better than you, and we’re just going to guess...
Finally, if you have a customer service query, or a question about any order made on, rather than post on our wall or send us a message on Facebook, please get in touch directly with our Customer Service team. We’ll be able to respond much faster that way, and our dedicated staff will be able to help with whatever you need.
You can get in touch by email, or phone.

Faeit 212 Community News

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