The Admiral Beta Test Days are just getting started, and in the US, it starts up next weekend on March 12th. Of course I will be there, testing out the latest rules for the game! Check out the latest information from Hawk Wargames, and take a look at some new renders of the Space Stations.

via Hawk Wargames

We have been busy designing, printing, scanning, editing and preparing for this Saturday's first Admiral Beta Test Day. We are really looking forward to this experience, and in improving on what we feel is already a fantastic set of rules. Over the three Beta Days in the UK, USA and Germany, we will be gathering feedback, along with info from the other Admirals, about the existing ruleset. This feedback, along with information from our other final internal playtests, will all go in to finalising the rules for Dropfleet Commander.

Going forward we will be putting up more updates about the progress of our design and development process, whether this is in design of the models, the scenery, or the rules. Thank you for your patience while we have been rolling out the Pledge Manager also! Due to a few delays and issues that some backers have had from accessing it, we have decided to extend the time it is open, until the 21st March. If you are still having issues accessing the Pledge Manager, haven't received your link to access it, or have any other questions, please contact us at, and we will get this resolved for you as quickly as possible.

Now for some exciting things to show you!
We are pleased to be able to share a few things today with you:

Firstly, some renders of Space Stations:

All the above space stations were made with one pack!
All the above space stations were made with one pack!

Showing some of the detail
Showing some of the detail

A good scale reference!
A good scale reference!

And then, here is a video that Dave did at Beasts of War, which gives a really good outline of some of the new models, a few rules ideas and some more detail on the Space Station!
We will have more updates for you soon, as well as a summary from our Beta Test Days also. Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page and Newsletters for more updates, as well as of course, on here!

Thanks again for everyone's support!

The Hawk Wargames Team

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