Rumors today are saying that we will see a sequel to the Betrayal at Calth box set sometime in September. This is interesting, but so far I have not head anything to collaborate this in September. A second box set of course would sell like crazy, so lets hope that we do see one.

The hard part to swallow on this, is that Forgeworld is dictating the contents of the box.

Please remember that these are rumors. Please stick to the rumor itself in the comment sections.

via Larry Vela on Bols
via a very reliable source who spoke to BoLS on condition of anonymity:
We have been hearing for several weeks now of the Sequel to Betrayal at Calth.  One long, long term rumormonger with a fantastic record chimed in with these tidbits:

The sequel to Betrayal at Calth is real.
It is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 2016.
The kit itself is being manufactured as a stand alone game by GW proper, as the previous boxed games have been, but the exact sprue contents being Heresy relates are pretty much dictated by Forge World. This ensures they will fit in nice and neatly with existing and future planned Forge World Horus Heresy kits.
Games Workshop is very much committed to continuing to push and expand the Horus Heresy line into a bigger part of the business – one that is reported as ALREADY outselling Age of Sigmar!
The new kit will feature plastic sprues  with Mark III armor.

Also Previously on Bols about a sequel
Betrayal at Calth was only the initial product in a Horus Heresy boxed game series.
Look for the Betrayal at Calth rules to reappear in future additional similar boxed sets.
These further boxed sets will expand the Betrayal at Calth ruleset and take gamers to other locations and pairs of adversaries set in the Heresy.
The second boxed game will make an appearance sooner than later this year (2016), based on the white hot financial success of the initial Betrayal at Calth product.

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