A compiled list of what is sold out or no longer available on the US Webstore, compiled by a reader here. A lot of bits and upgrades here.

via a reader on Faeit 212
This list is bigger than the last, more sold out items, all in US Webstore.

Chaos Space Marines:
Word Bearer Shoulder Pads

Black Legion Shoulder Pads

Vehicle Upgrades

Catachan Demolitions Team

Voystroyan Commander w/Power Sword

Catachan Heavy Weapon Team

Dark Eldar:
Wych Cult Shardstorm

Daemonhost 2


Space Marine:

Space Marine Bike

Scout Bike

It seems a lot of bits and upgrades are going away. The box set for Dark Eldar is understandable. Though, a lot of Catachan are going too, as last time I noted the Catachan box set was Sold Out.

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