These are creatures that we have seen at the latest Games Days, and yet they are still models that attract that much attention. Both the Exalted Vermin Lord and the Brood Horror are ready for pre-order and will be shipped in the week of August 30th.

via Forgeworld
When the beastmasters of Clan Moulder spawn a pack of Giant Pox Rats, there is occasionally one among them who will brutally devour the rest of the brood, growing fat and bloated in both strength and savagery, the twisted forms of its kin still visible as they writhe and claw at their fleshy prison. The so-called Skaven Brood Horrors are traded with the wealthier Skaven Clans for many thousands of slaves and warp-tokens for use as a war-mount by especially powerful or ostentatious Skaven warlords, or goaded into battle to flail and crush the foe beneath their clawed limbs.

Epitomising the lithe, twitching paranoia of their smaller rat-kin in a way no natural creature should, the Exalted Vermin Lord is a cyclopean fiend of unnatural size and power. Crouched atop a ruined pillar etched with the scratch-script of the Underfolk, with chunks of warpstone and the runes of its summoning embedded into its loathsome, squamous hide, the Exalted Vermin Lord clutches an immense, gnarled Doom Glaive in one palsied claw.


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