Apparently several days back though, the blog went over a million page views. I for one am very excited about it, as it means that there are quite a few people in the warhammer community that come and check in on the site.

I word about the community. It is really amazing that there are so many people across that world that play these games, or simply love to work on the models. I get hits from many surprising countries, and some that I have had to look up in the past, because I love learning about new places. When I had started the blog, never did I think Warhammer 40k was so wide spread.

So Thanks for Checking in. Also I am behind on the Blog Exchange, so those that threw in their hats, I will be adding these tomorrow.


  1. Wow, congrats! When I hit 20,000 ill let you know ;)

  2. Congradulations! You have an excellent blog and i've sent everyone I know to check it out. Here's to a million more.

  3. well done thats a amazing achivemnt! and well deserved for such a good blog!


    @ faeit and tallarn, my bog just hit 7,000 and is feeling small :P

  4. i prefer your blog even more than "bell of lost souls", really :)


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