Jon Sullivan has produced another breathtaking cover, encapsulating the Empire in a desperate struggle against plague and invasion

The new book Deadwinter is due March of 2012, by C.L. Weiner. The cover art is very nice, but that is what we are coming to expect out of anything the Black Library produces nowadays.

Also of note, the Black Library on facebook is having a poll to decide which limited edition artwork will be on sale at Games Day UK. Either the artwork for "Battle of the Fang" or "Path of the Seer"

via the Black Library
More than a thousand years after the Age of Sigmar, the Empire he struggled to create rests on the edge of destruction – the reign of the greedy and incompetent Emperor Boris Goldgather has shaken down the great and prosperous edifice of his erstwhile realm. Without warning, a terrible and deadly plague strikes, wiping out entire villages and leaving towns eerily silent through the long frozen months. As the survivors struggle to maintain order and a worthy military presence, vermin pour up from the sewers and caverns beneath the cities, heralding a new and unspeakable threat – the insidious skaven!

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