Games Workshop released its latest FAQ's for both Blood Angels and Dark Eldar. Both are really small updates, and both were not really needed. Both of these are rather Duh, were people still really needing these questions answered? The answer is apparently. Lets look at the updates.

Blood Angels
Q: What happens to an embarked Dreadnought that suffers an Immobilized result from the hit when the Stormraven it is embarked in Explodes? (p38)

A: It is Destroyed as it is unable to disembark.
Were people arguing this one, after it was answered in the Grey Knights codex? Probably. Thats it for Blood Angels.
Dark Eldar
Q: Does the Crucible of Malediction affect vehicles that are also psykers? (p60)

A: No.
I had thought this one was already answered. Regardless, it is now.
Q: Does every psyker in a unit of psykers, which are in range of the Crucible of Malediction when it is opened, have to take a Leadership test? (p60)

A: Yes. The notable exceptions to this are units with the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule. These units just take a single test, and will loose a single model if failed.

This one is pretty much as written, but I have had to clarify this rule for people in the recent past.

That is pretty much it for the faq changes. I am glad GW is still working on the FAQs and willing to do even minor changes. Links can be found here

Grey Knights 1.2
Dark Eldar 1.1

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