It appears that Games Workshop has increased the limit of finecast models that you can order from them. I knew they were trying to limit it to 3 per customer, but now that limit has been moved up to 5. It seems a positive step.

While I have not had the chance to verify this, it is apparent that Games Workshop is working hard on their Finecast models. Even though I have only had the chance to work on Grotesques, I have seen other peoples models, and some have been pretty bad.

Overall I see the move to increase limits as a positive one, perhaps they have the process down a little better.

I have also heard through the rumor vines, that most of the bad models out there people are still recieving are from the original runs, and that the latest models are much much better. If anyone has comments on Citadel Finecast models they have bought in the last month, I would like hear the comments on any improvements.

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