It appears that Games Workshop has increased the limit of finecast models that you can order from them. I knew they were trying to limit it to 3 per customer, but now that limit has been moved up to 5. It seems a positive step.

While I have not had the chance to verify this, it is apparent that Games Workshop is working hard on their Finecast models. Even though I have only had the chance to work on Grotesques, I have seen other peoples models, and some have been pretty bad.

Overall I see the move to increase limits as a positive one, perhaps they have the process down a little better.

I have also heard through the rumor vines, that most of the bad models out there people are still recieving are from the original runs, and that the latest models are much much better. If anyone has comments on Citadel Finecast models they have bought in the last month, I would like hear the comments on any improvements.


  1. i still won´t buy any...
    just look at the price of lib.termi compared to chap.termi (still metal)!!! FW says hi!

    IMO they should switch to all plastic... (like some of the SOM allready are.
    for new hobbyists the finecast is real put off
    why start a hobby were you get bubbel figs?

  2. Purchasing a large amount of finecast models on the regular here at Knightfall. We did see a few badly cast models early on but have not had any complaints recently. I just build my first finecast model, a Honor Guard Champion and did not have any more cleaning to do on the model than normal. Looks like GW is working hard to fix those problems and I have a feeling we will all be looking forward to more finecast minis!

  3. I got a first run box of DE Wracks - Terrible Condition. I complained to GW and they sent me second box in better condition but with some flaws still. Then I bought a Finecast Archon which was flawless.

    So it's been a 50/50 for me so far.

  4. Here you go, may be of some use ...

    Keep up the good work :)



  5. TBH - it's so damned expensive I haven't bough a single FC model yet - I really cannot believe how much money a regular model is now!

  6. No problem with the FC Tyrant Guard I purchased last week. I assembled it at the same time as a metal metal Tyrant Guard I had purchased previously but not assembled. There was no contest between the two. FC was easy to clean up the other which required filing, a pain.

    I'm happy with the switch to FC.

  7. Honestly, we have an expensive hobby. I have come to terms with that. GW has also produced a product that they guarantee on their site to be the finest quality miniature in the world. If you get bubble, you have three choices. Cry about it and do nothing (what most of the web does), grab a tube of green stuff and fill a couple holes, or call GW and explain it to them. They will send you a complete new model and you get to keep the old one (chances are you can cut that up and get some incredible conversion peices).
    The more people call them to replace bad models, the more they know they need to tighten quality control. They don't read the blogs, they read their losses in returns though.
    Now, I have handled most of the Finecast that has run through the two stores in my area, either holding someone else's to look at, my own or have seen it through the package and I can say: It has gotten a lot better since the first run and the Finecast I am seeing nowadays is mostly incredible.
    People who think it is the same mini as the metal mini need to make a real comparison. These minis have the detail that the metal couldn't hold during the cooling process. I will pay Finecast prices as long as the quality of miniature is there.
    As for the new hobbyists getting used to resin - I welcome it. Modelling and painting shouldn't be super easy. It should take work, or else nobody could take pride in it.
    Now I will step off my soap box.

  8. I recently bought 2 FineCast Broodlords and I must say they are awesome. Finecast is much easier to work with and waaaay more easier to paint then metal. It is lighter, feels a bit rubbery, and in my opinion the overally quality and detailing is much better then the metal miniatures had. Mine required little to no cleaning, only had 2 small bubbles on one of the feet nails, so I'm happy with these two. They are not perfect, but none of my metal miniatures ever were perfect (like bent parts, parts that simply will not fit right without green stuff, etc.)
    In my opinion, we just have to be a little bit patient as Finecast is a quite new approach, new material, and GW had to redo so many models into Finecast. I'm sure the process will mature and the overall quality of Finecast miniatures will get better and better. Anyone I've asked said that they had no trouble getting new models for miscast Finecast miniatures, every single store and webshop was really helpful with this case. GW knows that if two many miscasts are being sent back, it will effect the annual numbers so they have to produce quality products. The problem I see is many people just by Finecast, are note satisfied and whine about it, doing nothing. And, people who are happy with their FC miniatures just don't say it out loud, so we only se those who are unhappy, because hating GW is a trend, but trying to solve problems isn't.
    I'm not saying GW should't try harder - they should, not only because they make premium price products but because other manufacturers are filling in the market holes they leave behind. But in the past 1,5 years since which I've been in the hobby, I see quite an evolution at GW. It's not fast, but it seems to be happening.

  9. @ dobi
    i have seen an "evolution" in the last 15 years i am in the hobby... the prices have trippeld (some of the models are still the same exact model)... and the price hikes will never be over... its an annual thing!!!

    finecast is just the first sign of a new direction... wich is, going to FW standart,higher prices, cheaper material.
    Their sales have gone down allready so we are sure to see nother price-hike soon.
    IMO they should have resolved the "problems" before they send the finecast out.

  10. My two finecast products were so bad the store took them back.
    I didn't like the extremely light feeling of it either.

    Also, an issue no one seems to care about is "How do you strip old paint off a finecast miniature?"

    By the way, nice blog, I read it from old Europe.


  11. I bought a Haemonculus recently as my first FineCost model and I'm on the fence in regards to rating the experience.

    On the bad side, the amount of flash that needed to be removed was just unbelievable. In some places, there was so much I basically had to sculpt the model back with a file to match the expected contours. Although there aren't any major bubbles, the backpiece is so misshapen there is literally a millimiter gap all around which will need some GS loving.

    Last issue, though it's more a design issue than a casting issue, the placement of seams for the moulds on the Haemonculus defies logic. In some places the seam runs right at the edge of a piece of leather stitching, but because the two half weren't aligned properly, the seam actually has a trench of empty space digging into the model. In another area, the seam runs right through the most detailed section of the spine. Cleaning the flash there without eliminating detail was a time consuming mixture of filing and scraping.

    As for the good side of FineCost, cleaning for horrible seams would have been nigh impossible with a model model unless you're using dental burrs and a slow speed dremel. So because the new resin is so easy to clean, I guess the designers get to push the limits of modeling further because they know that even if a seam if misaligned in a high detail area, it's still relatively easy to clean up and correct.

    Total filing time on the model: 1h45 minutes.
    Time spent filling bubbles: none yet.

    Needless to say, when this model is ready for paint, I'll be feeling proud of my achievement.

  12. There is nothing wrong with finecast models. All you have to do is take out a small mortgage to pay for 'em, book a week off work and resculpt the whole damn thing yourself......simple

  13. Finecast is fantastic ok so there are some bubbles and flash but thats how resin is even FW if you look hard enough. the step forward was a positive one for my hobby as a LOTR player the troops being in packs of four was fantastic as i needed to buy two packs not three MONEY SAVED and metal was hard to work with. the bigger the kit the more the pinning. Fine cast kits do need work but less than the old metals they were the normal we all got used to them now we have to pick up new skills and develop our own skills and be better most people who choose to wine about resin are those who just like to be sad about everything in the hobby. GW is the best at what they do, and from the hundreds i have spent on my finecast i have no regrets. And i welcome the kits to come. And on a side note ther price always goes up is the way it works, and remember finecast carnt be melted down and re used so will cost more And the waight has nothing to do with how awesome finecast is i for one will not miss the stupidly heavy case of metal armys


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