This was pointed out to me yesterday, so I grabbed it and figured I would share the image. Because the language of where it came from is not one that I know, it was very hard to find any additional information. Are there more of these hanging out?

Do not take this as real, there are just too many problems with it. I posted it because its fun to see these.

The page itself is supposed to be the summary sheet from the Necron Codex. Instead it refers to the page as the reference sheet, and the vehicles listed are a little messed up. So I am going to call this one a complete hoax. I was told this was a digital copy of the real codex, but even that does not seem to hold much weight against the current line of rumors for Necrons.

So while this may be fun to read through, please to not take this as real. Even the chance that this might have been a copy of a first draft playtest codex should be taken with enough salt to drown with. I am posting it, because it is simply interesting.

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