There is another Dark Eldar super heavy in the works by those wonderous people at Forgeworld. I would like to see come true.

The pic above is already released from Forgeworld for the Dark Eldar, the Tantalus. Its beautiful, and I cannot wait to see what a new Dark Eldar Slave ship might look like. Check out the new rumors below.

As with all rumors please add a little salt until we see something more.

via Judderr
There is a new Dark Eldar Super heavy Vehicle in the works from forge world, which is similar to two raider stuck side by side, the model is complete and POSSIBLY will be released for Games Day... I have been told it can hold 30 models and multiple squads.

And another Super Heavy is in the pipeline for next year sometime, it is going to be a large slave ship, with rules similar to the cronos and chain-snares mixed, as it can take up slaves and distribute pain tokens.

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