This week we saw the release of the Daemon Battleforce/ Battalion alongside a couple of Dark Eldar models. Forgeworld gave us a huge new missle tank and we saw some brief FAQ updates. Into my own projects, normally after any tournament, I take a breather. Well that is done now, so I am back at it again, working on my armies. Frustrations with paint hit hard.

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial by myself. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

New Daemon Battleforce
These hit the stores yesterday, August 20th. It was nice that a Daemon battleforce was released, as I have heard that it is a great money saver for those interested in playing daemons. I suppose that moving a bunch of models to finecast is the entire purpose of this release, at least from a marketing standpoint. For deamons though, I think I am looking forward, probably a long ways forward, when maybe some new sculpts are made. My opinion is that the greater daemons are getting a little dated.

New Dark Eldar Models and The Court
The Dark Eldar models, both the Medusae and the Ur-Ghul look nice though. They are interesting enough models to possibly get down the road (for myself). While I do not play with the Court of the Archon, it might someday be interesting to pick up a few of them.

To be honest about the Court of the Archon, it kind of pisses me off. There was so much potential there, and it was wasted with the simple mandatory number 1. The fact that you must field at least one of each type is very frustrating. With a simple change of that number to a 0, I would be serious about the unit and its possibilities. A few more creatures would of been nice too. Or even a build your creature slot with options.

Army Lists
I think I am to the point of posting up on my other two tournament lists that I was considering for Ard Boyz. One of course would be Dark Eldar, while the other is Grey Knights. Both are a little dated for me now, as my primary running lists are always being refined and adjusted. The one hold up, is that a friend of mine is considering running the Grey Knight list at the semi-finals. If he runs it, I will hold off on posting it.

My Models
A frustrating couple of days painting, ended with me putting my models away calling it quits. I was working on painting my grotesques and just could not get the skin tones the way I wanted them. When I did get one, the other two looked miserable and different. Thats what I get for trying to mix paints. Regardless, after an hour or so of messing with the paint, I did get the models a looking similiar enough, so I put them back up onto the shelves to be worked on another time.

I really want to get my Dark Eldar painted, but I am my own worst enemy.

Dark Eldar Tactical Site Addition
I am still working on making a section dedicated to tactical information. As it stands, it will be on a seperate page, and it is taking quite a bit more work than I had anticipated. Which means it is slow going. I am hoping to get something wrapped up on this soon, but no promises.

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