Most of my week was planning my list and getting prepared for the tournament, as well as my failure at finding a sitter for that early in the morning on a Saturday. While I played at my second choice spot this year, I enjoyed the tournament, even though my playing was dominated by two simple mistakes made in the first round of my last two games.

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial by myself. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Ard Boyz Results
My results were less than good. Technically I tied for third, but lost on Victory points so was dropped down to 4th. I really wish I could of won a single die roll for deployment, but hey, that's life.

My Army.
A Hybridized mech list. One platoon, with 2 expensive veteran squads with grenadiers, demolitions and plasma gun options both mounted in separate Vendettas. A couple battle psyker squads in chimeras, Creed, two full squads of Hydra Flak Tanks, and an Artillery Squadron of 2 basilisk and a Colossus. The last bit a Commissar Lord equipped with a Camo cloak, who was to join a 40 man infantry squad which was equipped with 4 lascannons and 4 meltas.

First game
was a complete massacre. My opponent was a Black Templar army, mostly mechanized. I wiped the opponent off the board, and for the most part played a pretty flawless game. It was the mission with the traitor, and I attached him to the 40 man infantry squad unit with a Commissar Lord in it that came with a camo cloak.

Battle Pskyers ran a 10 man terminator squad off the board, and my veterans in grenadier armour killed the second squad. Sergeant was equipped with dual power fists. He had been trying to hide the traitor, my artillery pounded the unit as it came in from reserves, and my battle pskyers made them run off the board. Final totals: 17 to 6, and I claimed all the battle point modifiers. 26pts for me

Game Two
I faced off against Draigo Wing. My first major mistake of the tournament. 5 objectives with board quarters in the center of each area. The mistake.... Forgetting that paladins were two wound models (duh). So I jumped my veterans out in front of 2 squads of 5 not remembering the two wound allocation thing. That resulted in my loss of the entire flank, and killing nothing really. Two vendettas and two veteran squads sacrificed by the error.

The rest of the battle was pretty non interesting, as my hydra flak tanks failed round after round of trying to kill 3 Autocannon upgraded dreads (horrid rolls) while draigowing marched forward to take objectives. For the most part 6 Hydra flak tanks shooting at 3 AV12 dreads for 5 rounds should of taken them out. Every time I penetrated their armour, it was a result of a 1 or 2, and we all know how that goes. I think at the end, I killed one, and blew an arm off another.

In the end, my opponent was able to reach the center and the my tableside neutral objective, but he had forgotten to hold his own. With my 40 man infantry unit with the Commissar Lord, and run run run orders, I was able hold my own objective, contest the middle, and take the opponents neutral side objective. One unit was able cover 3 objectives. Minor win to me, despite deserving to lose after such a dumb mistake in round one.

Game Three
Lets see. I faced a purifier/ Coteaz list. It was a pretty simple list, two storm ravens loaded with coteaz, death cult assassins, crusaders, and a tech priest, the other with purifiers and a librarian. The rest of the list was 3 rifleman dreads upgraded, two las plas razorbacks, and two chimeras.

My mistake. I ended up having to go first. Guess who forgot to move on and pop smoke? He had some good rolls, and I lost a ton round 1. I pretty much lost two vendettas, a full squadron of hydras, and my two basilisks. In reality one vendetta was shaken, but it was close enough.

After round 1, I was losing this one horribly. After round 2 I was going to lose this game and probably get tabled, as my army failed to destroy anything round 2. I should of been massacred at this point, however, something amazing happened.

One of my vet squads got a hold of his 10 purifiers, after I sacrificed my platoon command to them. A Demo charge, and 6 plasma guns shots wiped them down to a librarian, a tech priest, and a single purifier.

So when they charged my 40 man unit, they were bogged down. He was relying upon the grenades that mess with the opponent and his purifying flame from his single purifier. However, on the charge the purifier died charging through a wrecked Vendetta, and the grenades only killed like 3 guardsmen, as about half my unit had to fight each other (6 was the result). Guardsmen even suck at killing each other.

Coteaz and unit, wiped out my first vet squad, and were promtly shot to pieces by Hydras, and their leadership lowered. The tech priest had died, and if one more guy had failed their cover saves, the unit would of broken and not been able to regroup. Luck to the opponent, he made some great cover saves.

So many close combat rounds later. (just so you know, this close combat was 40 guardsmen, plus my commissar lord vs one tech priest and a librarian. both of which had 2+ invul saves. My commissar was able to take down the tech priest (luckily), and my unit was slowly taking casualties.

Epic Moments
After being locked in combat against the techmarine, 3 death cult assassins directly assaulted my commissar.
To make it short, my commissar only took a single wound, refractor shields deflecting the others that could of resulted in his death. To make a long story short, guardsmen and the commissar took down the assassins, in close combat. At the same time the librarian went died to the massive number of guardsmen locked in combat with him.

I took a minor loss, which was good in my book, considering I should of been tabled after those first two rounds. My Commissar Lord survived an assassination attempt by 3 deathcult assassins.

1 massacre, 1 minor victory, 1 minor loss.

Fun tournament, two major mistakes cost me both of my last games. After round 1 mistakes, both games were spent just trying to recover and not get tabled.

Word to the TO
The tournament was ran smoothly. Highlights, included a large game timer that counted down the 2 1/2 hours you got to play. Game questions were answered quickly and efficiently, and I did not hear any complaints. Music during game time was also at appropriate levels and was good music to game by. The only thing, was that the terrain was a little off, by that I mean some tables were really barren, while others were really over terrained. Although unlike last year, I was able to deploy my army on every table. (TO's often over terrain so that a 2500pts army cannot even deploy).

TO was Ryan and the only suggestion I gave him was to balance out the terrain by measuring it out into a quarter of the board, with both impassable and area terrain (this makes sure you have approx the right amount of terrain). Then adding or subtracting a little. 25% +or- a little. Then distribute the terrain on the board as you see fit.

Location was Otherworlds Games. Two thumbs up to TO. 

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