This evening we are recieving the first words on what is coming out of the September White Dwarf Codex, Sisters of Battle. Apparently the original post was in French, and this is the translation.

Here is the original post in French Sisters Of Battle
Please remember that until we have it in our hands, these are still rumors, take with a little salt.

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Some Info started to pop up from a French Forum (Warhammer Forum, source is Fenryll, post here, it's in French so be warned). At least one other poster have confirmed them.

- Overall some units are costlier than before but not by that much (Regular Sisters, Celestian, Dominion, Retributor).

- Basic Sisters are the only troop choice. They start at 9 + Sister Superior and apparently no free special/heavy weapons based on number (unlike SM tactical).

- Some are less costly (Repentia, Seraph but pistols are costly, especially the melta ones cost more than a Fist)

- Special character are relatively cheap, nothing above 120 pts, multiple below 100.

- Heavy weapons cheaper than before (MM cost cut more than in half, dear god the time it required me to understand that MF = Multi Fuseur = Multi Melta in French).

- Penitent Engine is indeed HS, 0-3 per slot, someone mentioned they seemed costly to him but since he didn't remember the old price he was not sure if they were truly costlier or cheaper.

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Regular Sisters 12 pts each
Cannoness 75 pts base
Coffessor 55pts base
St. Celestine 175 pts
Repentia 90 pts 4 + 1 Mistress
Celestian &; Sheraphim 15 pts each
Retributer 85pts for max heavy bolters"


  1. As sad as I am about sisters being pamphlet-ed I still feel the real codex will bring them back like BA.

    BTW ty for the sisters pic, it just solved my color scheme dilemma I had with my sister models. xD

  2. That colour scheme is similar if not the same as my Sisters from the Order of the Crimson Flame, now 2 years into their existence.

    E. Eli

  3. looks like this WD-dex is a real let down :/

  4. Special Characters cheap nothing over 120

    St Celestine 175pts

    Kinda discredits it all really!

  5. I don't see anywhere on Warhammer Forum Fenryll saying sisters are 9pts. He clearly said that they were more expansive and that 9 sisters + 1 VSS is a little more than the old cost (i.e. 12 pts and 125 pts).

  6. I have seen the actual white dwarf in question and the cost listed for St. Celestine is incorrect. She cost only 115 points, unfortuantly that was the only part I was allowed to read before the staff at my local Games Workshop packed them away until the release.

  7. If these points hold true, the Sisters are truly boned.

  8. No to worry our time to shine will come!

    E. Eli

  9. Negatives:
    1)They lost flexibility from faith...
    2)Thier base cost went up from 11 to 12 for Grenades, I am pretty sure all other 5th edition codex's got their grenades for free, looking at Marines:[
    3)They lost the stubborn book.
    4)Waregear limited.
    5)The vehicles costs do not match other 5th edition prices. There fluff is they get all the best gear... Should be cheap as marines at least...
    6)Mish mash of useless options...
    7)New faith options are weaker and don't scale...
    1)They gain scouting on a unit that can cary meltaguns (non scoring unit...)
    2)Jump Troops now only 15, cheaper than Space Marine Jump Troops at 18... not as good either but good price.......and not troop choice...
    3)Some heavy weapons are cheaper...

    Sisters are boned... Need to read Part2... but unless everybody is missing something, they just took a fun to play slightly b grade army and made it less fun to place c grade army...


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