Today is Ard Boyz, and I am releived after a ton of problems regarding getting a 1 and a 4 year old to a sitter, and still be able to make a tournament start time. I was not able to make my preferred store location today, as I would need to drive too far to reach the kids grandma and back all before a 9:30 check in time. It would of been an hour and a half extra driving. I found another location that doesnt start til noon, so that is where I am at now.

Army wise, I am not playing my first choice list. So Grey Knights will have to wait for me. Even my Dark Eldar are not ready, so that leaves me with my Imperial Guard Hybrid list I have been working on. I just cannot field an army today that is not squad designated, and completely done. Amazingly enough, it is a lot of infantry, and quite a few less tanks than I am used to. We will see how it does.

Thats it for my Saturday morning though, I've got some faq to print out. Cya tommorrow.

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