For years the warhammer 40k community has dreamed of a Horus Heresy supplement. The novels from the Black Library have inspired many of us, and the creation of armies for the table has been something almost every serious 40k player has thought of. 

Todays rumor brings us the thought that Forgeworld might just be thinking of doing something with the Horus Heresy. Forgeworld has denied this for a very long time, so it seems unlikely, but hey, we can dream.

Remember that rumors are not facts, please take with salt.

Via Nedius
I was having a quiet chat with someone connected to GW (don't want to say who for fear of trouble...) who was talking about Forgeworld and the older marks of power armour.

They mentioned two things of note. Firstly, due to the succes of the older marks of power armour, their are further expansions to this range in the works. No details of what.

Secondly, that now with the Contemptor out, their was sufficient range already, and with the planned expansions, to begin work on a Heresy supliment.

That was all the details I got, and both of these things seemed to be 'on the table' rather than perhaps in pre-production, I'm not sure. Figured I'd share!

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