It is the most iconic model in the entire line, perhaps in the entire game. The Monolith is just one of those amazing models that I recall when it first was released. It was an amazing model, and everyone and their brother just had to have one. Of course this was a long time ago, way back at a great little gameshop that I first started playing at, the Game Vault.

Now we have some updates on exactly what this iconic vehicle might be looking like with the new Necron codex right around the corner.

Please remember that these are rumors and salt is required.

these come via Bigred over on Bols
The Basics
Everyone's favorite lunchbox of doom is said to cost roughly 200pts, and keep its current 14/14/14 Armor all round. It is a Skimmer, Tank that can Deepstrike as usual. The Monolith can fire all its weapons regardless of movement. Its Living Metal (in its new form) remains.

The Guns
In big news, the four corner mounted Gauss Flux Arcs remain, but are said to each be able to split fire and nail separate targets in some manner. The top mounted Ring Pop is now a standard ordinance weapon without all the fiddly rules.

The Glowy Door!!!
But by far, the biggest change is said to be the glowy door, now renamed The Eternal Gate - which now has a nasty offensive ability. The Gate can make all models within 3" take a Strength characteristic test - or risk being sucked into the gate and removed from play with no saves of any kind allowed.


  1. glowy door :D LOL

    seams a bit overpowered IMO
    MCs and ICs instant killed too?

    better if it spawned free crons

    i don´t think this rumor is at all true
    Bols and BoK are the most BS rumors spreading blogs... 70% fals info and the rest is just by luck partialy right
    but we will see

  2. Whether or not it's true, "Glowy Door" has to be the most evocative name for a weapon ever!

  3. Sounds like Imperial propoganda

    Searge: "Oh come on men! Its just a glowy door for throne's sake!"

  4. Come on... A glowing door with a 3" range? That is useless. GW better give us something better than that if they want people to keep buying this "iconic" model... especially if the are going to nerf its other capabilities (teleporting out of CC, firing after DS, allowing WBB reroll, living metal reduced to ignoring stunned/shaken) as other rumors have indicated. Necron players in support of this are just fan boys.. and I hate fan boys. The Monolith needs to retain a LOT more of a support role in order for me to use it. Some ideas... grant a second wbb roll to one unit within 12"... allow the monolith to "heal" damage..

  5. I don't think it's meant so much as a weapon (though potentially instant killing anything in the game does sound pretty powerful). Moreover, I think it's more to discourage people from trying to pile around the door to prevent necrons from being summoned through it.

    Well, that's assuming the rumors are true...

  6. All models? Even yours?

    Apart from that they can't make the gauss flux arc more powerful... eventually they will reduce its power by splitting fire. After all the actual weapon hits every squad in 12" (does it even require line of sight?).
    Of course they could upgrade the weapon, but I think that the idea was neat.
    Deepstriking and using the glowy door will be tricky... also will it now roll on the mishaps table if lands on top of an enemy unit?


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