1. looks... strange.

  2. The Sslyth looks quite odd, not a fan of the crocodile head. The Lahmean's head looks weird, do you think the head and arms can be swapped with the heads and arms from the rest of the dark eldar range without a load of cutting? Because it looks like it could make the basis for a nice lady malys or generic female archon if so.

  3. Personally, I really like em both. It said in the text below that the plastic Dark Eldar arms will work with the Sslyth.

    As far as it being a crocodile head, I don't see that. I think he based it on a viper like one in the link below:


    -Dark Apostle Brian

  4. I'm with DarkApost on this. I think they both look great. Both of them looks way better than the other 2 archon court models they released.


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