Its often funny to hear someone complain that their lascannon in their tactical squads are having an off day because they haven't blown up a single vehicle. While that lascannon can blow up a chimera every time it fires, people often think they should be doing more than the statistics say. While I am not a die hard mathhammer fan, I believe mathhammer is a powerful tool. It tells what we should be seeing, so you do not have unrealistic visions on what is happening on the table.

There is a tool that really everyone should at least know about, and I have found that most people don't. That's the combat calculator on Heresy Online. Even if you are the greatest Math Major, this tool makes it easy to figure out not what could happen when Mephiston assaults those pesky assault terminators, but what the statistics are.

For Example, using the statistics, if Asdrubael Vect charges a unit of 10 marines, what is his chance of killing them. 7 Attacks on the charge with preferred enemy, means he is hitting an average of 88.89% 5.5 marines die. Now yesterday I killed 3 out of a 6 man unit, which shows a 3.35% chance of happening. Rare indeed.

The above single shot lascannon has the following against a rhino/razorback transport. 14.8% chance of destroying it
Anyhow, check it out if you have not already and add it to your list of tools.

Heresy Combat Calculator

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