I was not going to post on this, but is seems that a leaked copy is floating around now out of a playtest Sisters of Battle codex (at least part of one page). While it could be an April fools joke, it does look authentic. The page posted shows two troops selections, Battle Sister Squad, and Adeptus Arbites Patrol.

 Some of the cool things listed in it,

Battle Sisters can take dedicated transports listed as being Rhino's, Repressors, and Immolators. Also seeing up to two sisters able to take arcaballistas is kind of cool (whatever those are). WS3 BS4  around 10pts apiece with squads of 5-20.

Adeptus Arbites Patrols can take rhinos or repressors, and come with bolt pistols, shock mauls and stun grenades. They are WS4 BS3 and the same points wise. Squad size is 5-15. Note that they are only wearing carapace armour. They also have a couple upgrades as well, with grenade launchers, riot guns, suppression shields, combi-weapons.

While I do not think it is an April fools joke, I decided not to post the page (pic) discussed here, as I am not sure legally where it stands. The post and information comes from Blood of Kittens via Toloran.


  1. nice .. some rumor of changes in the fate point sistem?

  2. This is from a page of a playtest codex. So the only thing we have "Blood of martyrs" and "Light of the Emperor" special rules. No idea on what those are, or how they work.

  3. where are the:
    imperialists? (frateris militia)
    bretheren of light? (Inquisition)
    Cantus? (scouts)
    Curia? (hospitalier)
    Almoness? (mechanicus)
    Nunciate? (famulous)
    Legatine superior? (crusader)

    I have been playing adeptus sororitas since I got the 2nd ed black codex. Lets just say I am slightly dissapointed.


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