The ability to walk into a game store to see if there is anyone there to get a game in, and finding it is an incredible tool for the serious and not so serious 40k player. It is a rare thing to have a local store that you can walk into almost at any time and get a game in. Knightfall Games here in Portland is one of those places.

In the couple years now that I have been going to Knightfall Games, I have only ran into one day that I was not able to get a random pick up game in. If you have a local store like this, consider yourself lucky, because there are many of us around the world that would start drooling at such a luxury.

Most stores have 40k days. These are the days they say to come down to get a game in, otherwise call first. While these are nice, I have been randomly dropping into Knightfall for two years, having only a handful of times arranged a game before hand.
The value, is playing more people with different armies. You get a great variety of play this way, with the occasional accidental newer player that you do not know. The benefits for bettering your game far out way any negatives. Not only do you get a random player playing a random army you don't usually know well, you have no ahead of time to think about what your buddy normally brings to the table and how you would deal with that.

I was able to play against the new Grey Knight codex yesterday. It was a blast with a good opponent, good list, and I was able to play the Dark Eldar list I posted a couple days ago. It was surprising and fun. Perhaps I will do a battle brief tomorrow.
It's a rare gem to have a store around that is like that, so appreciate it. By all means, if you have a local store like this, give them props in the comments.

PS I got a little too caught up in the tough game and forgot to pick up some paint for my Dark Eldar. (if I mention this, someone might remind me next time I swing through)

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