What a week it was. Last week was a huge week. Just the news of the Demiurg itself was a shock to hear. Not only did we get that, but we heard rumors of a possible schedule of Dark Eldar releases as well. It made for a good week in the 40k side of things. We also had releases from Forgeworld and for the Grey Knights. Jokaero (space monkeys) also made their waves, and at Game Night this week (which is the reason I am a day behind) there was a lot of talk about space monkey lists.

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial by myself. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of. It normally runs on Sunday's, however I am a day behind.

Game Night
First off Game Night went a little longer than expected. Starting on Saturday evening lasting til almost noon on Sunday. Hence why I am not yet recovered, and still on slow mode. Since I have wife and kids, I am still exhausted, and am not going to work today. I will sleep. This is the reason I there were no new posts over the weekend, just a few articles I had previously set up to post on Saturday.

Dark Eldar (BTW I have a sneak peek coming on June Releases for Dark Eldar coming up here shortly.)
Always on my mind. The second wave really has me excited, and I am sure that we will be hearing something either this week or next week on the models being released. The rumors of the timeline for the second wave seemed reasonable, so that we should be seeing the first models next month. Supposedly the Venom. This is an important model for us to see, especially since we have no model to really judge the size of the thing for our conversions.

I have 2 Venoms, but I had stopped work on them for one simple reason. I like to play in tournaments, and I like my conversions to have no real size discrepancies with the released version of the model. So I need something close. While we expect it to be the size or slightly larger than an eldar viper, I still want to see the model before I wrap up my conversions. Unlike my Imperial Guard, I am in no hurry to finish this army, and am going to take my time in converting it.

Give me new Talos Pain Engine models. The rumors do not have these coming for a couple months (june). Plastic kits would be awesome, and I expect these models to be exquisite. Also I am really hoping the Cronos is part of the Talos kit.

Demuirg (squats)
Nothing like getting the worldwide 40k community into an uproar by simply mentioning that Squats might be coming back. I really enjoy the idea and tossed it around to a few people who were thinking it was a joke as well, until you bring the full rurmors to bear. Things like they will be allied with the Tau and have been part of Battle Fleet Gothic for a long time seem to give great credibility to this rumor.

It wont be drunken space dwarves on bikes. I expect Games Workshop will continue its level of 5th edition quality when it comes to the introduction of the Demuirg. I really have no idea what it is that we will be seeing, besides the already rumored troop choice and HQ, but I am looking forward to hearing more rumors of them.

Grey Knights
I am going to play this army. Probably play the crap out of it. Its not that I have a love for the Grey Knights. It is that I am truly enjoying the way their codex works. The more in detail I read, the more I like. I am finding that they match my playstyle. Also it is cool that they use a lot of the same units that Imperial Guard and Blood Angels have. So it is not a far reach for me to start this army.

Grey Knight Venerable Dreadnaughts
I mean wow. I am still amazed at this unit. If you can get this guy behind something like a rhino or broken rhino, it will fire every round of the game (unit efficiency in the extreme). It is simply almost unbreakable. It is venerable, meaning a re-roll on the damage table. It have fortitude (great chance to dismiss stunned and shaken results), and finally two twin linked autocannons with psybolt ammunition (making those things S8). So give it some cover, venerable re-roll, fortitude, and twin linked autocannons with psybolt ammo. Wow.

Inquisitorial Henchmen
Hey look I already have these. Lots of guardsmen. Add in some servitors and Jokaeros inside some chimeras with guardsmen and I am happy.

What is not to love. 24" of complete field control. 24" S7 AP4 with rending. Heavy 4 or assault 2. For Purgation Squads, that's 4 psycannons each. The same goes for full units of Purifier Squads. That's a lot of shots.

For me that is the army. Those three things with maybe something else thrown in, and I am happy. I still need something as a good assault unit, but I am pretty set on getting this army going and relatively soon.

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