Here are a set of two rumors on the release schedule for the Dark Eldar 2nd wave. Games Workshop has already let us in on the fact that more models are on their way, but what they left out was any details. In fact they gave us no details at all, except that something was coming. So earlier yesterday these appeared on the ole rumor highway to answer some of the hanging questions.

1. by Straightsilver
My information is a little old now but I last heard that the plan was to get all the arena stuff released first, meaning the Venom is next.

This will be a plastic kit with Wych passengers hanging off it like the Warrior passengers hanging off the raider.

These two types of passenger will be interchangeable so that you can have Wyches or warriors hanging off either your Raider or Venom to represent which type of unit is travelling in it.

They weren't able to put each of the passenger type on the raider sprue as there wasn't space so that's why the Venom has Wyches.

Apparently they also wanted to have plastic Haemonculi hanging passengers, but at the time they couldn't think of a suitable plastic kit to include them in.

Once the Arena stuff is done it will be Haemonculi, so expect some blisters for them plust Wracks and Grotesques.
Then finally it will be things with wings.

So I have it as:
April - Venom - plastic kit with Wych hanging passengers (this was before I heard about Grey Knights so I suspect end of April or beginning of may)

May - Haemonculi, Wracks and Grotesques - Metal models
Talos - possibly plastic kit but no confirmation on that one.

June - Scourges - plastic kit
One of the Flyers - plastic kit -Possible if ready in time (it has had some setbacks apparently)

As I say this is information I was given 2-3 months ago so these things may not be 100% accurate, but White Dwarf is written 3 months in advance so I don't see too much changing. However I was completely blind sided by Grey Knights coming in April so not too sure on all the dates.

2. by Straightsilver
Well in March we only had Beastmasters and a Succubus, admittedly the Beastmaster included several models so about half a dozen in total.

I don't doubt that there will be a couple of blisters along with the Venom, I just have no idea what will be in them.

Jes told me the Venom would finish off the last of the arena models, barring the odd blister, and that once the Venom was released Haemonculi etc would come next.

So the Venom should be part of the next release.

The dark Eldar release has also been planned to be drip fed each month until June, so small releases each month like the March releases.

As I say my information is a little old now, and obviously is no more than rumours and conjectures, but my sources for this are very good ones, I just can't say who they are.

But most of this comes from the conversation I had with the designers at the Dark Eldar launch in Nottingham last year.

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