This week, we have Grey Knight black boxes hitting stores, rumors of 6th edition, and the unveiling of many Grey Knight models including the already infamous space monkey. It was definitely a busy week, and through it all, getting in a couple games, work, a movie, and kids, I am a little exhausted.

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial by myself. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Music from the Ultramarines Movie? Anyone? I am always looking for atmospheric music to model/blog/work on list to. My latest find is the movie soundtrack to Shutter Island. Dark, dismal, and perfect for the 40k universe. I highly suggest it. What I would like to find though is, the Ultramarines Movie soundtrack. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. Anyone know if it exists?

Vulkan He'stan and Dark Eldar
I'm not dwelling, but simply over analyzing the list I took on thursday. It worked great btw, and did exactly what I thought it would do, all the way up to Vulkan killing my army. Great Job Mojjo though, your list was tough, and was exactly what I needed to be on the table against. It gave some great insight to help that list, and to improve my  Dark Eldar play.

I now am working on three seperate Dark Eldar lists. One completely dedicated to Vect and Raiders. Definitely a MSU (multiple small units) style of list. The second with Haemonculi and Talos with several webways. Finally the third, a completely reserve list, running with Duke Sliscus and Deepstrikers.

Harlequins are still a project for me this week. I did not get them onto the table in either game, simply because I could not work them into my playstyle. They need to be an integral part of the list, and not an add on for me to get them onto the tabletop. I am still working on them. We shall see what the week brings.

6th Edition
Simply put, I am a little sad that 5th edition can already see the sun starting to set. 5th is really an exceptional rule set, and I am hoping that 6th is simply a 5.5 version of the game. I want better missions (more variety), flyers, some simplified writing in the rule book (so you don't have to flip so much), and the game to stick to what works so well. I do not want to see the 5th ed codex's lost to play simply because we are in 6th. 6th needs to be a rules update, not a completely new edition. Right now, 4th edition codexs really are at a disadvantage, and I would hate to see that repeat itself.

Update the rules, dont nerf the game, and lets keep up the great codex writing. Lets not invalidate the good work that 5th edition brought us.

Grey Knights
Need I jump in and say more? My coffee is not really kicking in enough atm for any real thoughts on Grey Knight information. The codex is out and I have read through it. Soon it will be in the hands of everyone, and the Grey Knights will be a force to reckon with. I am glad this is the case and look forward to seeing them on the tabletop. The models look good, the rules look good, and from what I have read, the fluff looks good. I think once again, all the fears and moaning I read all over the place was pointless, as the codex looks balanced, and strong, with good variety of playstyles in a single codex.

Slight correction, personally, I do not think all moaning is pointless. Games Workshop does patrol online (at least in my opinion, not officially) and read all the crap we put out. By crap I mean all the great insightful meaningful rants people post on forums. Personally I feel bad for the person or persons that has to filter through all our crap, I mean insightful meaningful whatever.

The Future with Warmer Weather
As normal, I will continue the Grey Knight coverage, and be looking towards the next set of releases. Dark Eldar releases should be hitting soon, summer of flyer's, and then to the fall were we should be seeing the return of the Necrons. Tommorrow is the one year anniversary of this blog.

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