The Regional School League Finals at Warhammer World was the source of todays rumors. Apparently one, Wayde Price was speaking (he is from the design studios). Now each source has the time different. Did he say next year, or later this year? Who knows. While this rumor may be out a little out there, something was definetly said. Which leads us to the credibility of other rumors saying that after a Xenos release in the fall (probably Necrons), that Sisters of Battle are next.

Please please remember to bring the salt on this one, but here are both rumors.

via Shadow Marine on Warseer
I was at the Regional School League Finals yesterday at Warhammer World. I will were given a talk from the Communication Manager (Design Studio) couldn't remember his name.

He was talking about Grey Knights, slightly off topic but he did say their vision of 40K is big armies. That is why they moved away from Inquistors and allies (they said that Inqusitors are to squishy to fight demons!)

He did say at the beginning of the talk that he wouldn't be talking about anything that is out in the future. He then said that Sisters of Battle is the other main ordos and these are out next year.

bloodaxegit on dakka

I was at warhammer world for the schools league, and Wayde Price was giving us a talk about the new Grey Knights. In this, he mentioned other parts of the inquisition, including the sisters of battle; who he said will be updated later this year!


  1. You know, salt is good but I'm doing a little anyway. Sisters are my only army and I currently am the most outdated of my group (BA, IG, Tyr, SM). I would like a new codex and some new models that don't kill my wallet too much...

  2. I hate to say it... but new SoB minis might make me lift my ban on starting any new armies. Dammit!

  3. I just hope that there's something like Coteaz in the Sisters book for my none-sisters Witch Hunter army. Poor guys have been on the shelf collecting dust for a couple years now.

  4. why not just buy the grey knight codex and use them there?

  5. Omg...If this truley comes to pass an we are blessed with new updated "Nuns with Guns" I might just have to ignore my own promise on doing only chaos marine untill eldar release. Epic epic epic...BRING ON THE CLEANSING FLAMES!!!


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