One of the obvious reasons we keep seeing so much conflicting rumors about what is next makes perfect sense with the following rumor today. While this rumor is not new this morning, it does open up the possibilities. Also check out the Demiurg sculpt above, and the sketch that is posted below of the Demiurg.

Here is the rumor, which is found in a continuation of the Demiurg discussion that has been going on over on Warseer. We discussed this rumor here if interested.

Remember all rumors are NOT FACTS, take with salt. (Ive noticed a couple forum goers that are not distinguishing fact from rumor that they read here. I report the rumors I hear and find.)

To be honest I only used squats in the title to get peoples attention. Demiurg is what I meant just to clarify. If I get any more info ill post as I can.

I do know the next 5 codex's are in the final stages of completion so it just depends on what gw wants to pull the trigger on. 

I am going to add something to this one. While they might be close on 5 codex's, that does not mean the models are ready to go. Also which are these mysterious codex's? I am only speculating based on previous rumors that we discussed for this year. This was the supposed order in which we were supposed to see things this year and into next year. Tau and Necrons being close to done would explain why we keep seeing conflicting rumors on which will be next.

Grey Knights (already released)
1.Necrons (possible September/October release)
2.Sisters of Battle (early 2012)
3.Tau (may/jun 2012) note that some rumors are suggesting we swap Tau and Necrons release

4. ?

So if we are alternating Imperial with Xenos, what is next? According to this rumor, two more codex's are in the final stages. If I hear something this morning, you know I will put it here, that is after I find some coffee.


  1. thanks for the info bro!

  2. I think Eldar are the most likely beneficiaries of one of the later slots. Though IIRC during the DE interviews they said they hadn't really gotten into Eldar design yet, but they had ideas, and some of the DE ideas and experience could carry over.

    Only Eldar, CSM, and Orks (along with DA and BT) would really remain for updates unless they went back to more recent armies. CSM and Orks have both had pretty extensive model relaunches fairly recently, and it's pretty easy to do full plastic armies. By contrast Eldar is still dominated by metal and older kits. Jetbike revisions are a no-brainer, and if they can find some good way to make at least some aspect warriors plastic it could be great. Part of Eldar's "problem" is that they're not as obviously modular as other races like SM/CSM and Orks. Though a redesign could address that and allow for some kits to serve more than one purpose.

  3. Personally I would like to see dark angels... I'm almost dont building my 2500 point Ravenwing army! Question I have incase you or someone else can answer it I haven't found the answer yet is.

    A ravenwing squadron starts with 3 bikes you can add 3 more mikes an attack bike and a land speeder, if you have sammael you can purchase these as a troop choice. Is the land speeder also considered a troop choice meaning can it capture objectives? Anyways sorry to hijack this thread. Might I suggest a Q&A section :)

  4. It's a troop choice, but vehicles cannot score unless explicitly stated in the codex, and it's not stated. (I looked)

  5. Mojjo, RW Landspeeders can score if bought as part of a RAS in the Troops slot, but not if part of a RWSS in the FA slot. This question has been analyzed, debated and thunk about ad nauseum at bolterandchainsword. Go check it out... you too fester! Basically it comes down to GW's rule/statement that Codex trumps Rulebook.

  6. Codex makes them part of the Troops choice, but does not make the Speeder scoring as it is specifically part of the exceptions. Same with a Big Mek making a Deff Dread Troops - not scoring.

    Codex doesn't trump rulebook when codex doesn't address the relevant rule.

  7. Well, how about that. I had only looked at Sammael's entry before, but in the Ravenwing section does say they count as scoring. Funnily enough, if you buy the squadron in fast attack, looks like the attack bike and speeder count as scoring even though the regular bikers don't. Funny stuff.

    Remind me why people keep saying DA stink?

  8. Well, DA used to be a bit behind the times before the latest update that fixed the Storm Shield issue and a few others. Now they rock! Doublewing FTW! I only hope our next codex doesn't undo all the tasty goodness we've gotten lately...

  9. Oh.... man... anything that looked and felt like a squat army would be awesome.

  10. The plural of codex is codices

  11. Well Tau turned out to be slightly later than anticipated.


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