There really are two things that have made me really want to jump on a Grey Knight army. One is the Inquisitorial Henchmen as troops (which is disgustingly fun), the other is a power of the Grey Knight Grand Masters, Grand Strategy.

Found this pic from the codex browsing around in google Grey Knight images. It is the Grey Knight Grand Master from the codex. Nice Image.

So Lets take a look at the special ability of the Grey Knights Grand Master called Grand Strategy.

Grand Strategy is this. Chooses D3 units before deployment. They must be infantry, jump infantry, monstrous creatures, or walkers. The ones chosen cannot be a unit with a independent character in it, nor can it be inquisitorial henchmen or ghost knights. Each unit chosen gets the following rules for the rest of the game.

Hammer of Righteousness
Re-roll to wound rolls of a 1 for the duration of the game.

Shield of Blades
The unit gets the counter attack special rule

Spear of Light
The unit gets the scouts special rule.

Unyeilding Anvil
The unit can claim objectives as if it were troops.

OK. First the important part of this.......
First. This power is done before deployment. That is before combat squads are declared. (notice how this power just got cooler). Combat squads are done at deployment, so the powers they receive are now split up into your combat squads.

Second. They get scout. I don't know if this excites anyone, but I am drooling at all the possibilities. This alone makes me want to play a Grey Knight Army. I will btw, because Grand Strategy is just that cool. Do not forget that a unit with scout that is deployed inside their dedicated transport vehicle confers the scout ability to the vehicle. (pg 76 rule book if you need it).

Third. These units can now all claim objectives. (not the vehicles), however a walker under this rule could (edit: check comments, I probably misspoke on the walkers).

You get all of this for the very low price of a Grey Knight Grand Master, who comes in at 175. He gets other stuff as well, but that is for another time. Grand Master Mordrak also comes with this ability. Technically you could take two Grand Masters, giving you up to 6 units effected by the ability.

This ability dramatically changes how this army will operate. I want it, I will get it.


  1. Remember that scout is only given to your transport if and only if that transport is a dedicated transport.

    I think walkers scoring is a bit debatable as it says they score as if they were troops, but troop walkers cannot score, as vehicles cannot score. So a bit iffy. (pg. 90)

  2. Thought I had mentioned the dedicated transport. Meant to. I will fix that, since not everyone reads comments. Thx.

    I agree that the walkers scoring will be debatable, Im not sure it will hold up. I probably missed that one. It could be one that will be an FAQ.

    I am more excited that you can combat squad out after the rule is applied. That was the one that cinched me playing Grey Knights.

  3. Also remember that it is pick one, and apply it to the d3 units. All units must get the same rule, and they only get the one rule, not all 4.

  4. surely there can't be two grand masters?

  5. ^ there are 8 grand masters in the Grey Knights Army I believe

  6. I would take Kaldor Draigo instead of a normal grand master, with 5 paladins mounted in a thunderhawk gunship or a landraider. Giving them hammer of righteousness. This unit can decimate any foe and the landraider will soften up any unit before combat starts. Also because Kaldor Draigo is in your army Paladin squads are troop choices.

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