There are very few ways to transport Dark Eldar models well. I was recently asked how I do it, and thus far I have not had to move them very far. The best method of storage and transport is by far with Battlefoam, however, if you can get a hold of some foam, you can create your own custom methods of carrying them. I have some foam for computer software that I am currently cutting up and fitting into totes that I got from Home Depot.

Dark Eldar models are just tough to tote around. Here is a few pics from battlefoam, and if you have any good suggestions on how to transport Dark Eldar models (raiders and such) please comment.

Here is a link to battlefoam.

Battlefoam for 3 Raiders and 2 Ravagers
Battlefoam for Warriors
Battlefoam for Reavers


  1. I've bought 2 KR Multicase Card Cases with Foam Trays. Everything fits and it's quite cheap :-)

    I need to take more pictures showing how everything is magnetized and post them on my blog, but in the meantime, a shot of one of my ravager foam trays:

    I can fit 4 trays like these in one case, transporting all my raiders and ravagers.

    As for Hellions and Reavers, I can fit 12 of each perfectly (Hellions are a little more annoying, but still fits) without their bases (which have to be transported separately in a small box) in a "V-Format" foam tray, which is 1/3 in depth and 1/2 in length of a standard case. That leaves 2/3 of the second case for the rest of the army, which is more than enough.

  2. Its a nice pic of what you have going. Definetly post a link when you get more up.

  3. I picked up a selection of the Dark Eldar Battlefoam trays for my Raiders, Ravagers and Hellions, and for the most part I've been happy with them. The Raider/Ravager trays are cut a little tighter than I would like though - They are very stable during transport, but you have to be really careful not to snap off any pointy bits when pulling the raider/ravager from the tray. In addition, the pre-cut trays don't really allow for versatile storage of any conversions one may make to the model, which their pluck foam trays do. All in all I'd give the pre-cut series a B+, (but I love their pluck-foam trays and use them all the time).


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