It was one year ago that this blog started. It didnt start off with a bang, or anything grand. It didnt start off with even a single reader. I had started the blog after just getting into reading others. For some time I was reading Stelek's work, reading the Bell of Lost Souls, a few others occasionally and reading forums. So really you can say that they started my inspiration and opened me up to this sort of media.

The blog also gave me some room to discuss rules and tactics that were not heated or involve some of the crazy dakka rulings I was reading and hearing vomited all over the tabletop (not all but a few were nuts back then). Also game stores. It was hard for me to find opponents, and I while I do not mind playing someone new on occasion, I don't enjoy clubbing baby seals as they say. (nor do they enjoy being clubbed). So when I was playing someone new, it was hard for me to know exactly where they stood and I often felt bad afterwards. There is no way to ask someone new politely "are you any good?"

So the blog went on and on for quite some time in fact with no one showing up. Well, obviously someone did, but it was very few people. I want to thank Sons of Taurus for finding me. If that had not happened and him linking me up, I would not of spent the energy and time putting this together. It would of remained something I posted on very rarely.

Then Septemeber happened. I decided in september to dedicate an hour or hour and a half to the blog a day, or at least every other day. Basically wake up, find some coffee, blog a bit. Something happened then, people starting showing up. I enjoyed blogging about my latest woes, tactics, lists, news, and rumors. I noticed something else as well, it got my ideas, and what I was discussing at the game table on paper.

Whats funny is, that even as of the end of December, there were 33 followers. It's 2 1/2 months later and there is 100+, and over 250k page views. That means somewhere someone is reading here. Speaking of someone, a funny thing happened to me just the other day......

I was going to one of the stores I frequent, and was talking to a player I hadnt seen in a few months. We were discussing Dark Eldar, and he was asking me what I liked etc. Every topic I brought up, he knew, everything that excited me about my lists he had read here on this blog. It was really the first time I realized that local people that I run into read my blog. I knew a couple long time friends of mine did, but it never dawned on me I might run into others.

Later that day, I made a comment in the blog about a game store, and the first comment was "thanks, etc etc". It had also never really dawned on me that the game store owner might read what I said. I thought "oops, what did I post?" I had to reread what I had said. I knew he had seen the blog as we discussed it once when I was down there, but I really did not think "again" that local people I knew might check it.

I am not going to ramble on, but I want to say thanks for stopping by here on the blog. People coming here is what inspires me to keep it going. Its been quite the ride, and a learning experience. The community that plays warhammer 40k is a global community, and an amazing one at that. 1 year down.

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