For me the week the has been a slow one. I had to miss my Thursday game due to work, but was able to get a pick up game in on Friday. What a game it as too, my first encounter with the new Grey Knights codex. I have to say I am still impressed with three things, their rate of fire (psycannons), venerable dreadnaughts, and nemesis force weapons. It was quite the showing bringing my dark eldar up against them. I believe that with their heavy rate of fire and extra strength ammo, they really do pull an advantage of the expensive fragile units of the Dark Eldar.

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial by myself. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

The Pic.
One can only hope that if the Sisters of Battle power armour looked like that there was someway of protecting all those exposed areas. Yes, I know that half of you already saved it to your computer. lol

New Codexs
We had new necrons rumors yesterday, and a couple of Sisters of Battle hints this week. The codex rumors if you missed them can be found here. Necron Rumors. Other Options besides Green? and Sisters of Battle Rumored Release - within 18 months?

Most people, especially us long time players, have a tendency to whine a lot when a new codex comes out. First off, it is warranted, because in the past we had very severe and obvious codex creep, as the game was handled much more like a painting hobby than it is now. Game competition I believe changed this. More market competition with other gaming companies has improved our game dramatically.

Now however we can slow the whining down some. GW is really treating the hobby as a whole much better. I look forward to each codex now that is not my own, or even one I tend to play. It brings excitement onto the tabletop, as players adjust their strategies to new tactics and armies. I mean really, how many army types (not just armies) are there now? A lot.

Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle, and Necrons I am looking forward to facing on the tabletop as often as I can. Whether its my proven and hard hitting Imperial Guard, my watery Blood Angels or my new project, Dark Eldar. I love facing new army types on the field, and abhor facing the same type of army over and over. How many razorback spam lists do we need to face in a day?

Tau. Now here is a codex I should be looking forward to, however when facing them, they as of yet, do not alter the playstyle of other armies. They are not yet something that I have to consider when making an army list, which is not to say they are not a good army, just not something I have to think ponder "How would I deal with a Tau opponent". I am hoping to see something on Tau that really pulls it out of the box. If I had a direct line to the codex writers this would be my challenge to them. With so many unique armies with so many options now, what is going to make the Tau stand on their own. Only when Tau first came out did I ever take real notice of them.

My Dark Eldar
I am just starting to feel comfortable with them on the table top. There are so many little nuances with the Dark Eldar, and they are so fragile, that you really have to know your army. There is no give. They are expensive, and they are fragile. Fragile, did I mention they are fragile? However they hit hard and its those little nuances, like stay out of assault range of that dreadnaught even though all those little juicy devastators are sitting right there. Nuances like, you are going to lose every raider on the field, even if you field 11 of them with flickerfields, so instead of thinking of a raider like a fast flying lance weapon, you think of it as a very fast means to an end, getting your units where you want them...... now.

Grotesques. One of my now favorite units of choice. A master Haemonculi, regular Haemonculi, 3 grotesques (one with liquifier, one aberration with scissorhands/ 6 attacks), and Vect. The unit starts off with three pain tokens, so is fearless, and is almost impossible to get rid of if they can find cover somewhere on the board to deploy in. Did you bring your vindicators? Better hope so. Webways will open, Vect will leave the unit to become a fast moving ginsu on steroids, and multiple Talos will emerge from the webways backing up Vect where he needs it. Grotesques make excellent escorts for your webways.

Dark Eldar models. I need them! GW can you hear me! I need grotesques, Venoms, scourges, and Haemonculi. Did I mention Talos Pain Engines and the Cronos Parasite Engine? Tomorrow would take an eternity if they were arriving then. Yea, I know I want a couple fliers as well, but my personal lists do not use them as much so they come second.

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