OK, it seems that the pic from a playtest codex is flowing freely through forums now, so here it is. Take it as you will, an April fools joke or not?. Seeing more troop choices and a new transport vehicle is pretty exciting. (Scroll down for the pics from a playtest codex)

For those of you that do not know what a Repressor is, here is a pic of one from Forgeworld. It is basically a rhino chasis with AV11 front and side, AV10 in the rear. It has a transport capacity of 10, with 6 of its passengers able to fire their basic weapon from the fire points on the sides, with 1 std fire point on the top. The tank has a BS4 and is equiped with a Heavy Flamer and storm bolter and comes with some basic Sisters of Battle Upgrades (no gun swaps listed). Repressor information is from forgeworld.

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