Games Workshop today announced Incoming Dark Eldar. We all knew they were coming. The rurmors put it somewhere before June, and it looks like they were correct. The Games Workshop post today put out the most vague "we are about to release something" article. Regardless, we already have a good idea of what is coming from our various rumor sources.

What to expect looks something like this:
Venom Plastic Kit.
Razorwing/Voidraven Plastic Kit.
Talos/Cronos Plastic Kit.
Scourges Plastic Kit.
Metal Wracks

Others think it looks something like this from this announcement.
The text confirms Haemunculi, Archon's retinue, Wracks and Grotesques (maybe even scourges) to be in it. But the Venom is expected then as well, maybe even the flyer(s).

Regardless, here is the announcment this morning on Incoming Dark Eldar from Games Workshop.

Incoming Dark Eldar
Wanton and cruel in a way that even the most depraved mind could not hope to comprehend, the Dark Eldar are the epitome of cruelty and malice. Their way of life represents a culture that has long since abandoned reason for debauchery and decadence. Superlative warriors, the Dark Eldar master the ways of war that they may better end the lives of the so-called 'lesser' races for which they hold so much scorn. They relish the moment of the kill, revelling in the pain and suffering of their victims before mercilessly slaying them. But to be captured and enslaved by the Dark Eldar is to suffer a fate worse than death. The Haemonculi are torturers supreme, and with their highly advanced technology capable of extending their victims' lives to unnatural lengths, they have all they time they need to perfect their cruel art.

When a warrior kabal launches a realspace raid, they burst forth from the webway to unleash death and woe, only to disappear like ghosts before their enemies can prepare a counterattack. These piratical armies are not only comprised of the Kabalite Warriors that form the backbone of each noble house; they are accompanied by all manner of allies, minions and other such menials that seek to gain the Archon's favour. A Dark Eldar army can vary greatly in this way, including gladiatorial Wyches, skyboard-riding Hellion gangs, shadowy Mandrakes, mutated experiments and other more feral and disturbing beasts. Whatever the composition of a Dark Eldar army, that they are heartless, deadly and utterly without mercy is beyond question. Pray that they don't take you alive!

Our design team have been furiously working away to bring you even more great miniatures. Keep an eye out for these exciting new releases by checking out White Dwarf and the What's New Today blog on the website. If you haven't already done so, make sure you've signed up to the Games Workshop newsletter to learn of any news as soon as it is released.

Dark Eldar players have already been treated to a huge selection of multi-part plastic kits in recent months, so if you're looking to start an army, or plan on bolstering your forces, then look no further than the products below. These are essential purchases for any Dark Eldar army and will form the foundation of your force.

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