This is not the first time we have heard that 6th edition is on its way relatively soon. However, it is yet another rumor source that is saying it is coming, and sooner than most people think.

Personally, it was not a surprise to me, and was a big letdown on the hype drummed up for a major bombshell of rumor. I wanted something new. I suppose the armies chosen might be considered new, but the time frame is not.

Please remember that rumors are rumors. Take this with more salt than is healthy to consume.

The following rumor came to us last night on the Blood of Kittens blog via pathyphon

”By the end of the next Olympics we will treated to 6th ed Warhammer 40k”

Now that is something that people that follow GW trends have suspected for awhile. So really that is not that earth shattering. What makes 6thed potentially earth shattering is the version of AoBR we will get. For the first time ever neither Xenos, the Warriors of Roboute Guilliman, or the Sledgehammer of the Emperor will be chosen to fill the starter box.

What that means well all of us will have to wait to find out.

To answer the first question, the next Olympics is July through August of 2012 in London. So the rumor is consistent with Fall of 2012 6th edition rumors I have heard in the past. I am not going to put forth any guesses to which two armies it will be, but the rumor pretty much rules out Xenos (eldar, tau), Roboute Guilliman (ultramarines), and sledgehammer (imperial guard).

Other cool notes: Expect Flyer's with a new set of rules for 6th edition. I also expect 6th edition to be more of a 5.5 edition rather than a complete turn of events.

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