Today we have a flurry of rumors regarding three codex and their possible rapid release schedule. Is it really possible that we will see two more codex before the end of 2011, and one early 2012? Well, these rumors say so. These are more than just confirmations, check them out.

Remember all rumors need a grain of salt, however these are coming from multiple reliable sources. By far my favorite kind of rumors.

To start it off, Stickmonkey speaks of his blackout followed up with additional rumors via Straightsilver

Via Stickmonkey
I'm posting this in news and rumors only as it's relevant to upcoming releases. I received word yesterday my "blackout" clause of my NDA for 3 upcoming codex armies would go in to effect April 1. (ha, that's what I thought too.)

Those three armies are Tau, Necron, and SoB.

Now the earliest they've ever enacted this on me before has been 6 months out. And the shortest duration has been 2 months out. I have no info telling me A. What order any of these codexes will be released. B. That they will be consistent with that duration. Just thought it may serve as additional evidence for what's on the horizon.

via Straightsilver
Well I must admit that GW are full of surprises at the moment, not only are they managing to keep the lid on any concrete rumours coming through, but if rumours are to be believed they are certainly ramping up their release schedule with a vengeance.

However I have kind of given up with 40K rumours now, I am sure that GW read these forums to see "what's out there" and react accordingly.

I know that Tau have had new plastics waiting to go for at least several months, was told by Jes that Sisters were a long way off and had it on good authority that Necrons would definitely not be out in 2011.

Now however I am hearing that GW have in fact bought Necrons forward (not delayed them as everybody has been saying) and that Sisters are in the pipeline.

Mat Ward also pretty much spilt the beans in this month's White Dwarf interview that he is working on the Sister's Codex, so all I can gather is that there is a lot of either deliberate misinformation being banded about, or GW don't really plan that far ahead.

Either way I reckon the next 12 months will be very exciting for 40K players.

Second set of rumors via Straightsilver "responding to a November release for Tau comment."
Yeah that pretty much fits what I have heard (from a very good source) regarding Tau. I was told at the end of last year that they would get a minis release in Q4 2011, but that they should also get something for Summer of Flyers.

I was told also that Necrons would be in 2012 at the earliest, however I am now hearing that this may not be the case at all, and that it's possible we may see them instead of Tau in Q4 2011.

However Necrons are not getting a Summer of Flyers release, so my money would still be on Tau.

As for Sisters, the plastics went Beta in February apparently (from a not so reliable source), and it's normally a long while before they get released after that, but it's possible it could be Q1 2012?

I have also heard that the Sisters Codex will in actual fact feature much more Ecclesiarchy based units and will move away from Inquisition ones.

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