Continuation of our Grey Knight coverage is getting down to the details. Now that we are getting really close, these are supposedly from people that have the real codex at hand. Some of these are really crazy. Remember that they are rumors until we actually have it in hand. Some of the things that stand out for me, are psycannons range being reduced to 24".  Always remember that rumors are rumors, and take everything a slight grain of salt.

I want to give out a word of sympathy to the people in Japan affected by the massive earthquake and tsunami. The damage is tremendous. I am catching myself up on what is going on there this morning.

These come from Madcowcrazy, with corrected items by jason collins, and compiled by natfka.

Castellan Crowe
Is NOT an Independent Character

One other cool thing – the libby can buy whatever powers it wants for +5pts each, so you can take a whole bunch and choose what to cast each turn. Because a bunch of them are in your opponents turn, this gives you a lot of powers per turn. I’d say Libbys are fairly compulsory for really competitive lists (who doesn’t like stealth marines/vehicles etc? and Ini 10?) A libby casts 2 powers a turn, but can upgrade to cast 3 for 50 pts (200 pts total + wargear).

Can you put Psycannons on any type of Dreadnought?
NO, so those forge world psycannons are now worthless.

Do you need to field an Inquisitor to be able to field an Assassin? Can you field more than 1 Assassin?
No you do not need to field an Inquisitor and yes you can field more than 1 but just not of the same type.

Fast Attack
Is the Stormraven the only Fast Attack?

No, there are Interceptor squads.

Interceptors DO move as Jump Infantry

Psyk-out Grenades

Daemons and Psykers strike at I1

Rad Grenades
-1 Toughness

Blind Grenades

Defensive Grenades

Psychotroke Grenades
On the round that the model with the grenades assaults or is assaulted roll on some funky table:
1 – Nothing

2 – Enemies get only 1 Attack and are hit automatically.

3 – Re-roll misses in close combat.

4 – Enemy is at I1.

5 – Reduce Ld to 2.

6 – Each model in the unit makes an I test. If it fails, it attacks its own unit that round.

Ranged Weapons
Template, S6 AP4 Assault 1

Range 24” S4 AP- Heavy 6 Always wounds Daemons on 4+ unless it’d normally be better.

Range 24” S7 AP4 Heavy 4 Rending or Range 24” S7 AP4 Assault 2 Rending

Needle pistol
S3 wounds on 2+, AP2

Hellrifle is 36 inch str 6 ap3 rending heavy 1

Condemnor Boltgun
24” S5 Assault 1, any psyker hit suffers perils of the warp (it’s the stake crossbow thing)

Close Combat
All Nemesis Weapons have Daemonbane

Any Psyker or Daemon that took an unsaved wound from a Nemesis Force Weapon (any kind) must take a Leadership test at the end of the Assault phase. If failed, the model is removed from play.

Nemesis Force Sword
Force Weapon, +1 Inv in Close Combat

Nemesis Force Haldberd
+2Initiative, Force Weapon

Pair of Nemesis Falchions
+1 Attack, Force Weapon
The falchion special rule is +1 attack – but at the same time, they are 2 close combat weapons (and there is no comment on this), so one could say you actually get +2 attacks? (ie +1 for the rule, and +1 for 2 CCW).

Nemesis Warding Stave
2+ Invulnerable in Close Combat, Force Weapon

Nemesis Daemonhammer

Thunder Hammer, Force Weapon

Scythian Venom Talon
+2 poison

Daemonhammer is a thunderhammer force weapon, that on a dreadknight strikes at Ini order

roll 2x2d6 at the start of the game and you gain both those powers if you get the same result you may pick any other power.

2-3: +3 to S

4: +3 attacks

5: no amour saves

6: each time you cause a unsaved wound you gain one for your wounds back this can not go over the starting wounds

7:wounds daemon on a 2+ and daemons must reroll pass inv saves

8: gains furious charge and rage

9: gains fell no pain and eternal warrior

10: poison attacks 2+

11-12 mastery level + 1 and the sword is now a force weapon

Null Rod
Power weapon that causes Instant Death to Psykers
Null Rod also means you can’t be affected by psychic powers (yours or enemies)

Psybolt Ammunition
+1S to Storm bolters, Heavy bolters, Assault Cannons, Autocannons

Psyflame Ammunition
+1S to all template weapons

Dreadnoughts can have assault cannons with psyammo upgrade, which effectively makes them psycannons (heavy 4 str 7 rending).

Orbital Strike Relay
Can fire an orbital bombardment with one of the following profiles:
S6 AP4 Heavy 3 Large Blast Ordnance
S10 AP1 Heavy 1 Large Blast Ordnance. Entire template counts as the center hole.
S6 AP4 Heavy 1 Large Blast Ordnance. Causes immediate Perils of the Warp on psykers hit.
Orbital strike can be fired every single turn, but you always scatter 2d6 (even if direct hit). Keep in mind skull servitors though lol.

Empyrean Brain Mines
One target in CC doesn’t not participate in combat (coma)
I think the brain mine only works on an enemy that fails either an Ini or Ld (can’t remember which one, i think Ld).

Servo Skulls
Deploy each Servo Skull before deploying the army. Skulls can’t be deployed inside the enemy deployment zone.

Enemy units may not Infiltrate or Scout within 12” of a Skull.

Friendly units scatter D6” less when Deep Striking within 12” of a Skull.

Blast weapons that target an enemy unit within 12” of a skull scatter D6” less.

A Servo Skull can not be shot or assaulted, but if an enemy unit moves within 6” of them, it will retreat and is removed from the battlefield.

It can not move and is just a marker, no kill points are awarded for removing it from play.

Ballistic Skill 10 if shooting at a psyker or squad with psyker

Ulumeatni Plasma Syphonplasma
any plasma weapon (specifically plasma pistol/gun/cannon) firing at the inquisitor or any unit within 12 inches of the inquisitor becomes BS 1. I believe this item can only be bought by a Xenos Inquisitor.

Vehicle Weapons
Heavy Incinerator
S6 AP 4 Heavy 1, Flamer*
*Fires like a Hellhound: up to 12 inches away.

Gatling Psilencer
Gattling Psilencer – Range 24” S5 AP- Heavy 12 Always wounds Daemons on a 4+ unless it’d normally be better

Heavy Psycannon
Range 24” S7 AP4 Heavy 1 Large Blast Rending

Psi-Strike Missiles
S4 AP5, Blast, Causes Perils of the Warp on any Psyker touched by template
Psi Strike missiles are actually mindstrike missiles. They are one shot each (replacing the storm raven bloodstrike missiles – ie you can’t get bloodstrike missiles in this codex).

Close Combat
Nemesis Daemon Hammer

Thunder Hammer, Force Weapon, strike at Initiative order

Nemesis Greatsword
Greatsword is reroll *all* to hit/wound/armour penetration
Nemesis Doomfist
DCCW, Force Weapon

Vehicle Upgrades
Reinforced Aegis Armour
-4 Ld for the purpose of enemy Psykic tests 12” around the dreadnought
Reinforced agesis (dreadnoughts) causes -4 to leadership for psychic tests, but only those that target friendly units within 12 inches of the dread (so fortune etc uneffected).

Warp Stabilisation Field
Allows the Librarian to Summon the vehicle

Truesilver armour
S6 hit on Daemons for each attack they make on the vehicle

Psykic Powers
Most have a 6” range

Same as in C:SM

Unit strikes at I10
Quicksilver – can only be used start of your turn (ie not enemy turn) and I believe lasts only your turn

The Shrouding
Unit gains Stealth
Shrouding – all friendly units within 6 inches of the libby have stealth (used in your opponents shooting phase).

Units trying to assault treat all terrain as difficult and dangerous
Sanctuary – opponents assault phase. All enemy units assaulting any friendly unit within 12 inches of libby take dangerous/difficult

Warp Rift
Template, Assault 1, take Initiative test, failed take a wound with no save. Vehicles take 1penetrating hit.

Might of Titan
+1S and +1D6 for vehicle pen
Might of Titan can stack with hammerhand

The Summoning
Summoning – C:SM don’t have this. You can summon any nonvehicle unit (or vehicle if they have warp stab. field) that isn’t in combat to within 6 inches (via deepstrike) of the libby. The libby can have a teleport homer for 15 pts btw. Vehicles count as moving flat out (so cast shrouding as well for a 3+ cover save lol).

Vortex of Doom
12” S10 AP1, Heavy 1 Blast

Grey Knights
+1S in CC, applied before other modifiers so powerfists would be S10

Heroic Sacrifice
When killed make 1 CC attack, if it hits target is also removed from play.

Psychic Communion
+1 or -1 ti reserve rolls

Astral Aim
Can shoot units not in Line of Sight but they get 4+ cover save
Astral aim also ignores night fighting (only available for purgation squads).

Cleansing Flame
Enemy units locked in same combat takes a wound on 4+ with armour saves allowed

12” S5 AP-, Assault 1, Large Blast

Warp Quake
Deep Strike wargear that reduce scatter dont work within 12”, if enemy unit deepstrikes within 12” they get Deep Strike mishap
correction: Warp quake – all enemy wargear that affects deepstriking on the table stops working, not just within 12 inches. Note, this would mean chaos lesser daemons auto-die when they come in should this power be in effect lol.

Negates Shaken and Stunned results

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