There is an image floating around, it is a must see. It is an awesome picture of a Grotesque model (not a GW mini). I was amazed to see it, and it looks very good, perhaps a little skinny, but hey what would I know of a giant lobotomized growth drug enhanced body.

So the two critical things about this model, is that it is a little skinny, and those arms stick out way too far. How can you place this model on the field without knocking over everything or even put it into a case for transport.

In truth, these come from Paulson Games whos site is apparently not operational at the moment. So we continue to wait for the Grotesque model, in order to get the proper sizing, however, Paulson Games did a remarkable sculpt of the grotesque. I applaud them, and wonder how close to copywrite infringements they are.

Updated with new pics from their site. Its called a Bio-terror.


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    Paulson Games site appears to be working now, you can see the "Bio-Terror" in the Resin Parts page:

  3. Thanks for checking. The site is up and the pics are better. Posting some of the images now, and re-copying the link.

  4. Paulson released first...if GW's design is close maybe GW could be the ones with IP problems.

  5. "i think george lucas gonna sue somebody"

  6. I'd say Paulson Games is no closer to IP infringement than GW is to getting sued by DC over how much the Grotesque infringes DC Comics for looking similar to Bane.

    Quite a nice model either way.

  7. Not sure if anyone ever stumbles on this post anymore, but I did, so I thought I'd contribute and say that the Bio Terrors were DAMN GOOD sub-ins for grotesques with a little TLC:

    Too bad they are no longer available :(


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