Every once in awhile, a game throws down some of the most cool visual cinematics that only the best of Hollywood could throw down. This is the reason I enjoy warhammer so much, because I am a visual person, and this is how I see the game as it is played. Yes, I probably analyze my tactics, list, and dice too much, but that is how we improve our game.

This really comes from me getting my butt kicked with my latest list, but hey, I played a good opponent with a strong list, and things fell his way. This post isn't about the list I fielded or my opponents, or the tactics used, but how cool it was that Vulkan He'stan was able to turn the tide of the battle singlehandedly. You'll read this, and say wow, how did manage that?

A special thanks to Randy, owner of Rival Fantasy Games for putting up with us, and staying open late to get in our game. I know he was tired, and ready to go home, and we lost track of the time.

Lets set the scene with game talk. It was a 5 objective game, with most of the objectives set up in the center of the board. Dawn of War pushed the deployment of the Dark Eldar right into the center of the table with the first webway. First round went to the Dark Eldar, and a second webway was opened into the middle of the field approximately 12" from the first. A unit of Grotesque with thier Ancient Haemonculi zipped their Raider right up to the front line and some ruins to drop a third portal in round 2..

Round two the Ancient Haemonculi opened up the third webway. Two talos tore out of the first webway, ripping apart an Ironclad Dreadnaught, and pushed forward towards the strength of enemy lines. It took nearly the entire opposing army to get rid of the 3 grotesques and haemonculi, which included a charge by Vulkan himself to kill them. Luckily they were able to drop back into the ruins (barely), as round 3 was about to hit, and with three charging Talos Pain Engines, things were looking grim for the marines standing in their way.

Round three: The last talos emerged from the closest webway, which meant three talos were about to charge Vulkan and his 5 men. There was another 5 man squad there, but they simply absorbed the charge of one talos, while two assaulted Vulkan directly.

To make a long story short, Vulkan with his 3 attacks was able to kill an non-injured Talos. Meaning his S6 relic blade needed three 5's or 6's to wound, and he did. The other talos was injured, and failed a lucky to wound roll of a 6 and died. The other marines suffered, and died to a man holding back a raging Talos. Vulkan and his men, wiping off the goo from the  two dead talos off their blades, charged the third talos after tons of gunfire failed to drop it, and once again were able to slay it and save their brothers.

Obviously Vulkan turned this battle. Yes, with 6 attacks I only hit once, and yes it failed to wound. The same luck of the dice happened with the second talos. I know the law of averages were bent, and yes, it was a great game. The game turned on that assault, and the rest was marine mop up. All I can say is that wow, Vulkan made a heroic stand, and even though I described it in game terms, it was an amazing victory, worthy of a better writer than myself to tell the tale.

Vulkan He'stan's kill count for the night, 3 Grotesques, 1 Haemonculi Ancient, and 3 Talos. (yes his 5 tactical marines did some damage as well, but Vulkan was there to claim the best kills). Through all that, Vulkan did not even have to attempt a single save.

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