Always good to see Tyranids getting some spotlight and this time the Salamanders and Dark Krakens will be there to meet them. Even a couple new Datasheets for Dark Kraken characters!

Flashpoint: Octarius
This month’s issue is a veritable trove of wonders for Warhammer 40,000 players. The reason? Flashpoint: Octarius. Now, some of you might recognise that name from a certain Warhammer Preview Online taking place this Saturday – Flashpoint, meanwhile, details Hive Fleet Leviathan’s arrival in the Octarius Sector and, spoiler alert, it’s about as friendly as you’d expect. Luckily, Salamanders successor Chapter the Dark Krakens are there to meet the threat, and July’s White Dwarf contains an awesome mission and rules with which you can recreate the engagement. There are even datasheets for two Dark Krakens named characters: Captain Krijeni Luceior and Lexicanium Paraon Uari.

Oh, and did we mention the mission takes place under the sea? It does. It takes place under the sea.

Can water quench the flames of this Salamander successor Chapter’s wrath? Well, there’s only one way to find out.


Fantastical Realms: Cities of Sigmar

This month’s instalment of Fantastical Realms offers no fewer than ten pages of powerful hobby inspiration, breaking down some of the most prominent Cities of Sigmar, their colour schemes and the themes upon which they’re built. You’ll also find a spread of incredible conversion ideas to make sure your army stands out on the tabletop.

Just some of the seriously impressive conversions from Rich Packer’s Freeguild of Hallowheart, featured in this month’s White Dwarf.

Follow that up with a pair of beautifully constructed and varied army showcases, and we challenge you not to feel motivated to bring your own magical metropolises to life.

Finally, our wild card for this month’s White Dwarf preview is Blood Bowl – in which cards are particularly relevant…


Red Cards & Rulekeepers

Blood Bowl players might be firmly – and understandably – of the opinion that the referees should keep their opinions to themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not for them to decide, and this suite of rules offers you not just new ways to deal with misbehaving players, but profiles for two unique referees – Elnos Lawkeeper and Redkur Forgebeard.

One elf, one dwarf – there’s no way these refs would be biased, right? 

Complete with their own characteristics and special rules, referees can now take a very real part in games and, depending on your play style, might act as stalwart and noble lawkeepers or, ahem, not. 

White Dwarf 466 will be available to pre-order from 10th July, and on shelves and available to buy in shops from 16th July. Subscribers in Canada and the US will have to hold on just a week longer to get their hands on it, but we promise the wait will be worth it!

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